"But if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mulberry tree 'Be uprooted and planted in the sea', and it would obey you." -Luke 17:6

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Ten Weeks

We're in the double digits, folks!  That deserves another happy dance! (Oot oot, do the happy dance!)

Sorry I am just now posting my update...I swear, Peanut takes every bit of energy I have these days!  I am definitely doing more around the house than I was before (and running a few errands here and there), but my energy level is no where near what it used to be!  Maybe I'll be one of those lucky women who get a burst of energy back in the second trimester??  We shall see! ;)

So, now that Peanut has been incubating for ten whole weeks, let's see what changes have occurred!


-nausea (this disappeared for several days but then came back with a vengeance...ugh.  But still no vomiting! PTL!)
-mild cramps/pressure in my lower abdomen
-stuffy/bloody nose
-bloating (definitely more noticeable at night)
-bubble gut (it gets quite painful at times, too!)
-bigger (and not near as tender) tah-tahs

Size of Baby:

Prune (about 1.5 inches long)


Peanut is starting to grow little nails and has tiny teeth budding underneath the gums.  His (or her) bone and cartilage is forming, too.  He can flex his wrists, elbows, and knees now (I bet he's already practicing his happy dance for his Mommy! lol).

Food Cravings:

-boiled peanuts (OMG...I can't get enough!  Actually gave myself an upset tummy today from inhaling a small army of these)
-Subway meatball sub
-potatoes (still)
-Popeyes chicken tenders
-Bonefish fish tacos (haven't gotten these yet...might work on that this week ;) )
-pepperoni pizza

Food Aversions:

-believe it or not...my usually Tuesday vietnamese meal does NOT sound good (last week or now)
-most fish
-most pork (except for bacon and sausage...yummm...)
-most fruits/veggies

Baby Bump Pics:

That's right, guys, it's time to post The Bump!  Eek!  I have been taking weekly pictures (in the same spot, using natural light if possible, first thing in the morning, before eating or drinking anything) so you can see the progression.  Sorry if some of them are a little dark---it's been a little dreary outside lately, so that affects the lighting in my foyer, which is where I take the pictures.  But, nonetheless, here is Peanut making his/her debut! :)

Week 5 (pardon the bloat):

Week 6:

Week 7:

Week 8:

Week 9:

Week 9.5 (Christmas Day):

Week 10:

Do you see what I see??? I see a Peanut!!!!  Ahhhhh!  How exciting!  Now, I'm still in the "Is she pregnant or just bloated?" stage, mostly depending on what I'm wearing.  But The Bump is definitely there and it's not going away!  Woohoo!

What a blessing to be able to watch something growing in there!  Every day I am reminded of God's power and love when I look at this belly (or feel those uncomfortable symptoms that I've come to love because I know Peanut's growing), and I just have to stop and thank God for this miracle that He has given us!  James 1:17 says, "Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father who created the lights in the heavens..."  Thank you, Father, for this perfect gift! :)

Monday, December 24, 2012

Nine Weeks

Wow.  I can't believe I'm already nine weeks (and two days, to be precise) pregnant!  Time flies when you're making a human being! lol

I'm sorry I didn't get to post this Pregnancy Progress update on Saturday, but we were down South with my sweet family.  I always enjoy time with my peeps, but this holiday season was even sweeter since we got to celebrate Peanut and the awesome news of my little brother's engagement (to the most amazing girl ever, I might add)!  We are so blessed!

Ok, so here's the scoop on Peanut's progress...


-very light nausea (usually only when I'm very hungry or have eaten too much)
-fatigue (that's a given!)
-increased appetite (most of the time...some times nothing sounds good)
-fuller (still slightly tender) tah-tahs


Peanut loses his little nub of a tail this week!  Hopefully that means my husband will stop calling him a turtle! lol  His eyes are fully formed, but his eyelids are fused shut and will stay that way for the next 16 weeks or so.  He's more active and may wiggle around in his sac during his waking hours (although I still can't feel it).

Cravings: (These come and go so quickly, it's hard to keep up!)

-any type of potatoes
-my Mom's southwestern chicken egg rolls (got to fulfill this craving this weekend--woohoo!)
-sweet tea
-Subway meatball subs
-soft serve ice cream
-boiled peanuts (had to race to the roadside stand that sells these before they closed on the way back into town yesterday...let this be known: my husband ROCKS! lol)
-sausage/bacon (these are the the only kinds of pork Peanut wants right now)
-Bonefish Grill fish tacos and Bang Bang shrimp (hey, Bonefish...if I advertise for you on here, can I pleeeease get a free delivery of this sent to my house?? :) )
-nice cold drinks


-most seafood (except for shrimp and mild fish, like tilapia)
-most pork products (chops, loin, and ham)
-hot beverages
-saltines (they're starting to get a little old...)
-Mexican (I attempted this again last week...NO BUENO!)
-most fruits and veggies still

Baby Bump:

There's definitely some bump action going on below my belly button now!  I'm going to see how it looks next weekend when I hit ten weeks, and if it still looks like baby and not bloat, I'll post some pictures on here! ;)

Alrighty, time to wrap the last few gifts and put the finishing touches on the dessert for tonight!  My husband, Peanut, and I want to wish each and every one of you a VERY Merry Christmas!  Remember that although this season is filled with love and laughter as we gather with our families and friends, eat lots of yummy food, and open loads of thoughtful gifts, JESUS CHRIST is the real reason we celebrate this day!  Let us all remember to give thanks to the Father, who sent His only Son to be the ultimate sacrifice, so that we can all spend eternity in heaven one day!  Happy Birthday, Baby Jesus! :)

Friday, December 21, 2012

Let the Holiday Festivities Begin!

Hey guys!  This is going to be a really quick post, since my husband and I are trying to get things ready so we can head down South to see my wonderful family for the weekend!

Peanut is still doing great (as far as I can tell from the outside, lol)! Every morning I check my belly to see if there's a bump making it's appearance yet, and while I do think I see somewhat of a difference below my belly button, it's not quite ready to be posted yet.  Sorry guys! ;)  The "bump" gets significantly bigger as the day goes on, and then goes down by the morning (which, to me, screams "bloat" not "baby").  I'm definitely ready for my belly to "pop" so that I know Peanut is growing in there, but I'm sure that baby belly is right around the corner!

Since I'll be out of town this weekend (when I would usually do my "Pregnancy Progress" post), I plan on doing that update when we're get back on Monday.  So stay tuned!  I hope y'all have a safe and fun weekend!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Eight Week Ultrasound

I love that every time I blog now, I have even MORE good news to share!  It makes my heart overflow with joy and gratitude for all of the many blessings God is showering us with!

Today, on top of getting to see our little Peanut (who now resembles a precious little gummy bear!), I was also told that the clot has completely resolved and I am cleared to get off bed rest!  Ahhhhh!  PTL! How awesome is that??! That means that a) I won't be spending Christmas with the hub's entire family piled in my bedroom (not that I'd mind, guys, as long as I get to see y'all! lol), b) my husband and I (and Peanut) get to make the five hour trip to see my family this weekend, and c) we don't have to go back for another u/s for a whole two weeks!  Needless to say, I am one happy girl!

Although I'm off of bed rest, Dr T still wants me to take it easy...which isn't too hard for me because I have the energy of a drugged snail right now.  I do wish I could go for a leisurely walk a few times a week, but he put the kilbosh on that and said I can only go outside to "stroll" around for a minute and get some fresh air but not take any walks around the block just yet.  Bummer.  I was hoping that taking short walks would help increase my energy level, but I guess that will have to wait for a few more weeks!  So guess where I've spent most of my first day officially off bed rest?  That's right---in bed! LOL Maybe I'll be more energetic tomorrow and venture out into the living room again...or better yet, maybe I'll go down the street and get a much-needed pedicure! ;)

Now for the good news on Peanut...I swear, every week I am amazed at how my love for him (or her) grows!  And at how the little guy physically grows, too!  He is measuring right on track still, making me 8W3D, and he's got the most adorable little arms and legs that definitely do help him to look more like a baby (or a "turtle" per my husband and brother) and less like a tadpole.  Dr T said he was sleeping when we did the u/s (because he wasn't wiggling around at the moment), and that he's already gotten into a sleep/wake pattern.  Peanut's heart was still flickering away on the screen and sounds wonderfully strong and rhythmic.  Seeing and hearing our little miracle is definitely the best way to start the day!

So, for today's photo op, Peanut chose a full frontal pose, which shows off his tiny arms/legs and the tiny bit of embryonic tail (bottom part of his spinal column) he has left (no, Mom, that is NOT a winkie! LOL).

*Now, I must warn you: this picture comes with a Major Cuteness Warning.  The extreme levels of cuteness that are exhibited in this photo may make you involuntarily giggle or smile uncontrollably. This is completely normal and to be expected.*


Ok, I know I've asked this before, but isn't he THE cutest thing EVER??  I think he's looking more and more like me every day (hence the increasing levels of cuteness...hehehe).  This picture quickly found it's way to the home screen on my phone...do you blame me?? :)

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Eight Weeks

Eight weeks down, only thirty-two more to go! ;)

Well, I can officially say that I feel F-A-T.   I haven't tried on any of my regular pants (since I don't go anywhere other than Dr T's once a week), but I'm quite sure there would be some muffin-top action going on if I did.  I woke up this morning to a definite "pooch" below my belly button, but not the cute kind that screams "baby bump", but more the kind that screams "too many Danish wedding cookies". lol  But that's okay, because that just means that Peanut is growing and that a more definitive baby belly is on it's way!  Yaaay!

So here is Peanut's Pregnancy Progress update for this week...


-nausea (more so now when I'm hungry, thinking about food at all, or when I have reflux)
-reflux (it helps to prop my head up on some pillows for at least two hours after I eat)
-mild/dull cramping (this started more yesterday, but I know he's got a lot of growing to do!)
-"backed-up" (if you know what I mean...I know, TMI, but seriously---this is quite painful)
-bubble guts (24/7, but it definitely gets worse right after I eat)
-not as sore but still tender tah-tahs
-mood swings...sorry, honey :)
-bloating (blaaaaah)
-stuffy/bloody nose (mostly in the morning)
-peeing every thirty minutes (not a ton at once, but my bladder feels full quicker because of the pressure my uterus is putting on it)

Size of Baby:

Raspberry (a little over 1/2 inch---wow!!)


Peanut is now moving his arms/legs and kicking around in there (although I can't feel it yet)!  My uterus is now the size of a grapefruit (whereas it was plum-sized before Peanut came along), which definitely explains the dull cramps!


-potatoes in pretty much any form (mashed, fried, scalloped, etc)
-soft serve ice cream
-baked doritos
-KFC mac-n-cheese
-my Dad's goulash
-cold beverages (although I've never really liked ice because it hurts my teeth)
-Subway meatball sub

Food Aversions:

-most veggies/fruits
-pork chops/loin...well, pretty much any type of pork
-any hot beverages
-most seafood (except for shrimp)

I can't wait for our appointment on Tuesday!  If things look okay, I might get off bed rest AND we won't have to go back for two weeks!  (Although this is a little bittersweet...I love getting to see our cute little nugget every week!)  Please keep praying as Peanut keeps growing and God keeps working! :)

Friday, December 14, 2012

A Note to Peanut

I got this sweet idea from my good friend, Jessie, who created a blog for her son, Grayson, which she used to write him "love notes" while he was still in utero. It's wonderful to think that one day he'll have all of those letters to look back on and observe the changes his Mommy (and Daddy) went through during the pregnancy!  I don't plan on doing multiple posts to Peanut, but I do want to give him a little shout-out today to let him know what a blessing he is! :)

My Dearest Peanut,

Where do I start??  Your Daddy and I are absolutely thrilled about meeting you in just 7 1/2 more months!  We've been praying for you for a very long time now, and went through a lot of not-so-fun times to get where we are today (with you in my belly), but it was well worth the wait!  God knew exactly what He was doing, and I know He was just making sure Daddy and I were ready for you (which we are!).   July can't come quick enough!

Even though you're only the size of a raspberry, your Daddy and I love you VERY much already! (We've actually loved you since you were just a teeny-tiny cell, but I'll explain more on that later and show you your first "picture".)  We have seen you grow so much in the last few weeks, and we even got to see your heartbeat, which was a-maz-ing!  You already seem so vibrant and strong---I'd better have my running shoes on when you're born, cause I have a feeling you're gonna be an energetic little guy (or girl)!  

Although I love feeling you grow and feel all of the symptoms that comes along with that (being queasy, wanting to eat food straight out of a deep fryer, peeing every thirty minutes, etc), I do have to ask one thing of you right now:  please remember that Mommy's uterus is very tender right now and trying to stretch a lot to make more room for you, so try not to do any acrobatic moves or treat Mommy's tummy like a jungle gym just yet.  Between my intestines, bladder, and you, things are getting pretty tight in there, and it sure does get uncomfortable at times!  Thank you in advance, my sweet little nugget of joy! :)

Well, that's about it for now.  Mommy has to go tinkle again and find something to eat (this is pretty much how my days go now that you're in there).  But one more thing before I go...

If you don't remember anything else from this "letter", please remember this:  We count YOU, our little Peanut, as the greatest blessing in our lives, and we thank God every single day for granting us the opportunity to be your parents.  Don't ever forget that we love you more than words can say, and that God (the Big Man Upstairs who made you---more on Him later, too) loves you even more than that!   

Love Always,

Your Mommy 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Seven Week Ultrasound

I never thought I'd say this...but Tuesday is quickly starting to become my favorite day of the week! Not only is that the day I get my vietnamese food fix (yes, every Tuesday...no exceptions, lol), but that's also the day we get to see how our little one is growing and hear that precious heartbeat of his! Totally makes my week! :)

So, I'm sure you're wondering how Peanut is doing and how that yucky clot is looking...well, I'm pleased to say I only have good news this week!  Yaaay!

Peanut is doing great and growing like a weed!  You can see in the pic I am posting below that he has definitely tripled in size since last week!  He is actually measuring 7W3D today (two days ahead), which puts him right back on track with my initial due date calculation of July 27th!  (We'll just stick with the 27th-29th for now, since the gestational age varies so much in the first trimester.)  His little heart was just a flickering away, and you could definitely tell that he has more of a defined "head" this week.  I'm completely, 100% in love with this baby...how can it possibly get any better than this??

As for that unwanted clot...it's almost completely gone!  Woohoo!  PTL!!  Dr T really had to search for it this morning, and once he found it, he was shocked to see how much it has shrank!  He recommends at least one more week of bed rest, just to be safe, and we'll check it out again next week and see if it's completely gone.  This means I may not have to spend Christmas in bed!  Sing it with me, folks: Happy dance, do the happy dance!  Oot, oot, do the happy dance!  This is above and beyond what I expected to hear this week, and it just further validates what we've been saying/trusting in all along...NOTHING is impossible with God!

Ok, so who wants to see Peanut's weekly photo op?  He'd better get used to posing and having his picture taken, because he has one photo-obsessed mommy! ;)

(Added bonus to this week's ultrasound pic: we recorded the heartbeat!  I have listened to it at least once an hour since this morning's appointment--okay, okay, maybe twice an hour--and couldn't wait to share this amaze-fest with my blog family!)

Here's the close up shot first...see how big he's gotten?!  He's gonna be a tall, skinny one, just like his daddy, lol.

Then here's the video...you can actually see the heart flickering!  Amaaaaazing!  I melt every time I listen to it!  (FYI: It may take a few minutes to buffer...sorry!)

Sweetest.  Sound.  EVER.  (Sigh)

So, once again, I just have to stop and praise God for his awesomeness!  I praise Him for this journey and all of the ups and downs along the way.  I praise Him for the constant peace, love, and comfort He has given us throughout it all.  I praise Him for His faithfulness in hearing our prayers and blessing us beyond belief.  I praise Him for using me to touch others and further His kingdom.  I praise Him for what He has already done and for what's to come.  Who's praising Him with me?? :)

Monday, December 10, 2012

Seven Weeks

You know what that means....time for another Pregnancy Progress update!


-nausea (it seems to be worse towards dinner time and through the middle of the night...ugh)
-tired all the time, but yet I can't seem to nap!
-"bubble gut" (this is what I like to call gas...makes it sound more "cutesy" and not so disgusting, doesn't it? ;) )
-sore tah-tah's (the severity still varies day by day)
-stretching/pressure/ache in lower abdomen/groin
-achy joints (this seems to be a little better this week)
-stomach growling/feels empty even after I've just eaten (this makes me feel more nauseous, too)
-acid reflux/heartburn (I am prone to this already if I eat certain things, but now even water gives me indigestion)
-the weird dreams continue

Size of the Baby:

Blueberry (I goofed and said he was this size last week, when actually he was only the size of a sweet pea...oops!  Sorry, Peanut! Mommy loves you, and she's just so excited to know you're growing!)


Peanut's face is starting to become a little more defined (where his eyes/ears will be), and the umbilical cord is forming this week.


(OMG...these are changing every minute!)

-macaroni and cheese (but I think I've reached my limit on this...now it's starting to turn my stomach)
-danish wedding cookies (these were one of my faves growing up, and I guess it'll be one of Peanut's, too!)
-vietnamese food (specifically pork and vermicelli...yum, yum!)
-cheese grits (thanks for satisfying this craving on a regular basis, GG!)
-sugary cereal
-fried foods (in small quantities only)
-pizza (haven't tried this yet, but I've been wanting it for a few days now)

Aversions: (Things Peanut does NOT like...found out the hard way!)

-catfish (which I usually love), and most seafood
-ginger ale
-chinese food (this was a craving last week, but after trying it...not so much)
-salads (I sure hope this changes--I love a good salad!)
-some veggies (squash, tomatoes, etc...which I also could have scarfed down in mass quantity before)
-mexican (much to my dismay)
-coffee (the thought of it makes me want to gag)

Isn't it weird how our taste buds totally change in such a short period of time??  Before I was pregnant, I could watch Food Network and my mouth would start to water at pretty much everything on the screen.  But now, I get queasy looking at/thinking about most of the stuff they're cooking!  Sorry, Giada and Rachel...but y'all make me gag sometimes.  It's not your fault though, I promise! lol

So...who's excited for the ultrasound tomorrow???  Me!  Me!  Oh, oh, pick me!!  :)  I'm just praying that Peanut is growing right on track, his little heart is beating up a storm, and that this pesky clot is shrinking (or at least not getting any bigger)!  I'm trusting in the power of prayer and the knowledge that all things are possible with God!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Just Another Lazy Day...

Sorry I've been MIA, y'all!  But I promise Peanut and I are a-okay!

I'm still on bed rest, and I swear, I am more tired laying around doing nothing than I am when I'm out and about!  It seems like I have a small list of things I want to accomplish during the day (email a friend, crochet a hat, etc), but by the time night comes, I've accomplished nothing!  Man, how lazy am I?? lol

I've moved from the big fluffy chair to the bed, which actually is way more comfortable.  Especially since I have a huge hematoma on the right side of my tush (thanks to the shots), so it's nice to be able to lay in a position where it doesn't press on the sore cheek.  Not to mention, I have the whole king-sized bed and TV to myself, so I can spread out my gossip magazines and watch TLC and Food Network till my heart is content! ;)

I plan on posting my Pregnancy Progress update on Monday, since that's the day I actually turn seven weeks (making me 6W5D today---woohoo!), and then we have our next ultrasound Tuesday morning at 7am!  Please keep praying and stay tuned for more updates on Peanut! :)

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Second Ultrasound

So, I've got great news, and I've got some not so great news.  Which one should we start with?  The "great"?  That's what I thought. ;)

(Drum roll, please...)

We were able to see AND hear Peanut's heartbeat this morning!  Ahhhhhh!  It sounded like a nice, strong "gallop"---definitely the most beautiful sound in the whole wide world!  Dr T didn't give me an exact number of beats per minute, but he was quite pleased with how things sounded and looked!  So was my hubby...I think he's already as in love with this little guy as I am!  Even though he's seen/heard fetal ultrasounds and heartbeats before (he used to work in an ER and Urgent Care), it is never the same as hearing YOUR child's heartbeat and seeing the little white flicker of their heart on the monitor!  Totally life-changing!

Peanut is measuring 6W1D (two days behind what I "calculated", but that was just a rough estimate), which is fantastic!  This makes my due date somewhere around July 29th--eek!.  As you can tell by the picture below, he (I'm assuming it's a boy until proven otherwise, lol) almost doubled in size already, and should continue to TRIPLE in size by the end of this week.  Isn't is amazing how fast they grow??

Here's my sweet little guy's snapshot for today...he's so photogenic, don't ya think?? :)

(By the way...yes, there is still only ONE Peanut in there!  Looks like it's a singleton pregnancy, folks!  But that's just fine with us!  Sorry to disappoint all of you guys who were betting on multiples! lol)

Ok, so now the "not so great" news...

I have a fairly large blood clot in my uterus, right above Peanut's gestational sac.  This is more than likely the source of my bleeding/spotting from last week.  It's called a subchorionic hematoma (or blood around the chorion, which is the space between the placenta and the uterus), and it occurs in about 1% of all pregnancies.

This clot came from a tear in the side of my uterus, but the exact cause is unknown.  Our only speculations are that a) it occurred during implantation,  b) there was a second sac (twin) that was developing earlier on and tore away from the uterine wall, or c) something happened to Peanut and his/her sac pulled away from the uterus, causing it to bleed.  No matter how it happened, the important thing is that it's already clotting up and not actively bleeding (PTL!).

When I asked how large it was, Dr T said, "Large enough to raise some concern".  (Oh, gee, thanks, Dr T!)  Although he didn't give me an exact measurement, it appears to be about the size of Peanut's sac at this point.  His concern is that the clot will completely pull away from the uterine wall, and in doing so, take Peanut with it (since it's on top of the sac).  In order to prevent this, he took me off of my Baby Aspirin and ordered me to be on (you guessed it) bed rest.  I am to stay on bed rest for as long as it takes my body to reabsorb the clot (which can be weeks or months), OR until he deems it small enough for me to safely move around.  I will go back for another u/s next Tuesday at 7am, and then weekly until the issue is resolved.

Dr T made me feel a little better by saying that 90% of women with SCH's (that's the abbreviation for it) go on to heal and have normal pregnancies.  He said that usually the 10% of those that miscarry are usually women who "do too much" and don't stick to their bed rest.  Trust me, I'm going to be a good patient and follow the doctor's orders! Anything for my little miracle! ;)

So that's the news for the day, guys!  I am trying my hardest to focus on the positive (Peanut's amazing heartbeat and growth!), and give all of my worries to the Lord!  My prayer is that He protects this tiny life, continues to grow him to be healthy and strong, and that He will shrink this clot and the worry associated with it.  I am confident that God has allowed this unexpected hurdle to arise in my path for a reason, and that He will help me to clear it and continue on down this road to Mommyhood!  No matter what happens, to God be the glory, for great things He has done!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Six Weeks

(Well, technically, I'm 6W1D, but whose counting?? ;) )

Another week down, and still going strong!  There haven't been any big changes since Friday's post (although the spotting has almost completely stopped--PTL!), but I wanted to continue on with my Pregnancy Progress posts, so here's the weekly update!


-occasional waves of nausea (whether I eat or not), but no vomiting (yet)
-mild pressure/dull cramps every now and then (not lasting long)
-sore/swollen tah-tah's (the severity of this fluctuates every day)
-bloating after eating even small meals
-feeling "empty", even after I just ate ( my stomach is constantly growling!)
-lots of saliva...like you have before you throw up (gross, I know)
-lower backache (although not nearly as bad)
-sore joints (knees/hips/ankles)
-frequent urination
-very weird dreams that usually involve food (example: a few nights ago, I was with the cast of the "Wizard of Oz", but we were here in town instead of Munchkin Land and stopped off for BBQ before following the "yellow brick road", which happened to be one of our main highways)

Size of the Baby:

Sweet Pea (he/she is now 10,000 times bigger than they were at fertilization!  Wow!)


Peanut now has a brain, folks!  As if that's not exciting enough, his/her heart should start beating (if it's not already) sometime this week!  It's arms and legs will also start to form this week, making it look a little more like a baby and less like a tadpole.  The yolk sac that we saw on the u/s last Wednesday will keep feeding Peanut until the placenta takes over, which will be some time around nine to twelve weeks.  

Cravings: (I wanted to add this part, since it's changing all the time, and some of them are pretty odd)

-cereal (Apple Jacks and Cocoa Puffs)
-asian food (hibachi, vietnamese, chinese, cooked sushi--it doesn't matter!)
-ramen noodles
-diet coke (I allow myself one of these a day, but don't always drink it all)
-pickles (not alone---I like to add extra to my Chik-Fil-A sandwich and chili dogs and whatnot)

(I know...totally unhealthy food choices, aren't they??  I hope this changes soon, because I'm usually a pretty "smart" eater!  But if Peanut wants it, Peanut gets it! Hehehe...)

I still don't think it's totally sank in yet that I'm pregnant, but I don't think it will till I start to show and then feel him/her moving around in there!  I have to remind myself whenever I start to feel puny that it's "normal" and all due to our tater tot growing rapidly inside me!  What an amazing experience!

Our next u/s is scheduled for Tuesday morning at 7am (when we should hopefully see the heartbeat--eek!), so please stay tuned till then!