"But if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mulberry tree 'Be uprooted and planted in the sea', and it would obey you." -Luke 17:6

Monday, December 30, 2013

Reagan's Five Month Birthday (and First Christmas!)

Well, hey again!

I sure have missed you guys!

I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas 
with your families 
celebrating the birth of our Savior---
I know I did!

I feel like it's been for-ev-er since I've posted, 
so let's catch up on what's new with
myself and Baby Girl!

Let's see, where to begin...

We managed to survive our first "family virus" 
that made it's way through our home...

At first, it was a head cold that started
with a sore throat,
fever, congestion, etc. and lasted
a good two weeks.

My hubby got it first, then two weeks
later I was lucky enough
to experience it. 
Two weeks after THAT,
Miss Priss caught a little different
strain of it (it only lasted a few days), 
so of course, the hubs and I caught that 
one from her, too.

Just when we thought we were all
in the clear, here comes the flu.

No lie.

So now Reagan has a fever, aches, and is just 
generally whimpy.
Poor kid!
And a month from being able to get the 
flu shot, too! 

Anyway, I'm hoping this is the last
of the sickness for this family for a while!


Christmas this year was 
definitely "different" 
(babies have a way of changing things---
but for the better, of course!).
But it was also, hands down,
the best Christmas ever since we 
finally got to enjoy it
with our sweet little blessing!

Reagan got to meet Santa (pics below),
who she wasn't too sure about.
She didn't cry (PTL), but
she sure didn't smile either! lol

Christmas morning,
we "helped" her open her gifts,
which she had little interest in.
She was much more into watching
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 
and taking a nice long nap, lol.

But she really did an awesome job of 
going with the flow as we went from one 
festivity to another!
As long as she had her bottle and a place 
to take a siesta,
she was good to go! ;)

Now I can't wait to experience Christmas with 
Baby Girl 
as she gets older!


My parents, younger brother, sister-in-law,
 and niece all made the trip up 
here to see us over the weekend, 
which was such a treat!
I always love seeing their faces, 
and being able to finally spend some quality time
with my sweet little niece was
just icing on the cake!


After my last round of mastitis, 
my husband and I made the decision to
wean Reagan to formula so that 
I wouldn't get that sick again.

Trust me, 
that was one of the toughest decisions 
I've had to make as a
Mommy so far!

Luckily, I had PLENTY of breastmilk 
stored in the freezer for such an occasion,
so we were able to able to transition her
slowly over a 6-week period.
Christmas Day was her last day of 
"Mommy milk",
but she seems to be doing just fine
on the formula!  
PTL the kid just loves food, 
so she made it easy for us! lol


Unfortunately, though, we've been battling
with the dreaded "R" word...



We started to notice it more
around her 2-month checkup.
She would almost always spit up after
her bottle;
sometimes it was only 
a little bit, but most of the time
it was like a volcano.
It got progressively worse 
over the next two months, but her 
weight was steadily 
increasing, so we figured it wasn't 
something we needed to rush to the pediatrician 

At her 4-month check up, however, 
I couldn't take it any longer.
We were going through as many as 28
burp cloths in 4 days,
and I felt like I couldn't 
take her anywhere because I wasn't 
sure if she was going to puke all over the place.
Sad, I know! lol

The doc recommended we try a tsp or two of
rice cereal in each bottle to thicken it.
We tried that for about two weeks and it didn't
really seem to help.

To make a long story short, 
we have been through every trick in the book
to help this kid keep her food down.
We've finally ended up with this concoction, which seems
to be helping over the last few days:

-Formula + 2 tsp of rice cereal to each bottle
-Zantac (to reduce the acid in her belly) twice a day
-Reglan (to help her stomach empty better) three times a day
-Burp about every ounce during her feeding
-Up after meals for at least 15 minutes

It seems like a lot of work just to keep
the amount of spit up down, 
but when it's your child throwing up all over 
herself, you, the floor, her toys, 
and your loved ones, 
you'll do just about anything to make it stop! lol

Please pray this continues to help until
Lil Bit grows out of this reflux stage!


Now for Miss Thing's monthly "update":


She has her moments, but she is mostly a happy little camper!
She loves to smile and gives 
us a good belly laugh every now and then
that just melts our hearts!

She loves to do the Hokey Pokey and play

She also loves to be put up on her Daddy's shoulders
so she can see everything.  She grabs 
his hair to hold on. 

Cutest. Thing. Ever.


Chunky McChunkster is weighing in 
at a hefty 15 lbs now.


That may sound like a lot, and those cheeks
do have their own zip code, 
but it's really only in the 50th percentile, so
she's perfectly "average" for her age!

She's 24 inches long (as of her last appointment), 
which is also in the 50th percentile.
So Baby Girl is average all around!


She's what I'd call "in between sizes" 

3-months seems a little tight in some
but 6-month is too big.

But I love that we've gotten into 
some of the winter attire (even though we haven't
 really had a true "winter" here yet),
so I can layer stuff and not
be as worried about her overheating.

The only problem is that she takes 
after her Mommy...she hates to
have anything on her feet.
I put the cutest little boots on her and she kicks
them off before we even leave the house! 
Bummer, lol.


Reagan isn't much for rolling over these days.
She still can go from
tummy to back when she wants to,
but she's usually perfectly content to just
prop up on her wrists and take in
the view from her belly.

I keep trying to work with her on
rolling more often and going
from back to tummy,
but she's just not diggin' it.
Oh well.
I'm sure she'll learn when she's good
and ready! ;)

Something she does enjoy is sitting up, though!
She can balance herself
by leaning forward just a little or putting
her hands on her feet.
I'm so proud of her!
Her GG bought her an adorable pink
stuffed chair with her name on it
for Christmas,
which she likes to prop up in and watch
her toons.
(Crazy kid, lol.)


She doesn't look so sure about this bearded man...lol.

My lil' cutie patootie.

VERY into her toys.

Reading a story to Sophie the giraffe,
her new BFF.

First outfit of the holiday season!

Happy, Happy, Happy!

My silly monkey in her Christmas PJ's (this is going
to be my yearly Christmas Eve gift to her).
This was before the marathon of gift-opening began!

This is what she gave me when I said, "Say 'Yay, Aunt Jenn!'"

This girl loves her rice cereal!
It's finger-lickin' good.

Trying out her new chair!

"Whatchu lookin' at?"

Giggles for Mickey!

"Look, Mom!
I feel better!
No more fever!"

Penny for your thoughts, Baby Girl.

I think we're all caught up now!

I'll be back next month for another update,
and possibly a little post here and
there (if I can find the time
in between bottles, naps, and chores! lol).

I hope you all have a safe and blessed New Year!
I have a feeling 2014
 is going to
be even better than 2013!
That God of ours is always up to something! ;)

Till we meet again...

Verse/Thought of the Day (or Month, I suppose):

"Therefore, if anyone is in Christ,
he is a new creation.
The old has passed away;
the new has come."

2 Corinthians 5:17

We don't have to wait till the New Year 
rolls around
to make changes in our lives.

God honors "resolutions"
(spiritually speaking)
all year round!

And the greatest resolution we can
make it to invite Jesus into
our hearts and give our lives over to

When we do,
(just like the above verse says)
the old passes away
and you become a new creation
in Christ!

To learn more about how you
can make this ultimate, 
life changing decision, click here.

Happy New Year, y'all!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Reagan's Four Month Birthday

I know, y'all...
I'm extremely late on posting this!

We had company staying with us all of 
last week for Thanksgiving,
and then, of course,
 I caught a lovely virus from my husband (thanks, honey!), 
which I still have.

So to say it's been a little cray-cray around here is an understatement!

But, I finally had a few minutes 
to myself while Miss Priss 
is sleeping, so I finally get to update you
on how she's doing!

She officially turned four months
last Friday, so let's see what's
happening in her world...


She's a happy, smiley baby...most of the time!
Take her bottle from her or ignore her
for too long and you're bound to hear some fussing.

She is laughing a lot more, and loves it when
her Daddy sings "her song" called Baby Bear.
(Yes, he made it up.
And yes, it's quite hilarious, lol.)

She also thinks it's hilarious to be naked.
As soon as I start to take off her clothes
she giggles and smiles the cutest smile ever!


According to our home scale,
her weight has tapered off a bit at
thirteen and a half pounds.
I'm assuming that's somewhere in the 50%
percentile, but we'll find out
for sure at her four month check-up


She's still in her three month clothes,
which makes me happy---
I'm not ready to have her move up to the
six month stuff already!
That would mean she's really growing up!
The way I see it,
the longer she stays in three month clothing,
the longer I can pretend she's still
my little bitty baby.


Reagan is grabbing for her toys on
the activity mat now
and continues to roll over (most the time)
when she does her tummy time.

Still no belly laugh, but I think it's coming


This is her "stank face".
Little stinker, lol.

Well, excuuuuuse me for interrupting
your Doc McStuffins,
Miss Thing.
No need to pout.

Tummy time!
(While watching Toy Story, of course.)

Ducky face!

Checking out all the ruffles on
her Thanksgiving dress.

Annnnd there goes the hand in
the mouth.

Little Miss Photogenic,

Four Month photo shoot!

Well, guys, that's is for today!
Sorry it took so long to finally post!

Seeing that I'm always behind on posting lately,
I was starting to think maybe it would
be a good idea for me to spread the posts out more...
like, maybe once a month?
Then I could sit down and focus on
writing a really good post,
instead of always rushing to get a short
one in every week.

Whatcha think??

Let's try it out next month and see what happens!
I'll miss y'all in the meantime!

I hope you have a blessed Christmas,
remembering what this time of year
is TRULY about:

the miraculous birth of our Savior!

Verse/Thought of the Day:

"For unto us a child is born,
a Son is given.
The government will be on His
His name will be Wonderful,
Mighty God,
Everlasting Father,
Prince of Peace."

Isaiah 9:6

Praise God for the birth of His son,
the reason for the season!