"But if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mulberry tree 'Be uprooted and planted in the sea', and it would obey you." -Luke 17:6

Monday, February 3, 2014

Reagan's Half-Year Birthday!

Man, it feels like for-ev-er 
(insert kid's voice from "The Sandlot")
since I've posted!  

I've really missed you guys!  

Let's see what's happened since I've been away,
shall we?


Well, for starters...
I have dealt with some tough emotional issues
over the past few months.  
Issues with handling
the changes that having a baby brings about
(as well as those pesky hormonal
ups and downs).

In a nutshell, 
I was trying to compare myself 
to all the other mothers 
I know,
as well as comparing Reagan to
their babies.

I know, shame on me. 

I would get upset at myself if I couldn't 
accomplish all my 
daily chores of the day,
or if I didn't have time to thaw
meat out to make dinner for 
my husband.
I felt like I was letting he and Reagan 
down by not 
being a "good" wife and Mommy.

I also was getting frustrated when
Miss Thing wouldn't
nap longer than thirty minutes,
or when a friend's baby 
who was the same age
hit a milestone and she didn't.  

After praying about and struggling 
with this for weeks,
I finally felt the need to message an old
friend of mine from back home
about my concerns and
asked her to keep me in her prayers.

Her response was definitely
and it totally changed the way
I view my days.

She said she also had been
dealing with the sin of "comparing" her life,
which allowed bitterness to build
in her heart,
both towards herself and her son.
She had to ask forgiveness
from God
and then thank Him 
for the blessings thru the trials.

Even though her son
doesn't sleep the best,
he's healthy.

Even though he is clingy/needy, 
he's happy.

That's all that matters.

It doesn't matter if you
put a meal made from scratch 
on the table,
or if you heated
up a Stouffer's meal.

It doesn't matter if you 
completed every task on your 
To-Do list
while your child took
a two-hour nap,
or if you managed to
accomplish just the bare minimum
in between their cat-naps.

We have to continue to 
see the blessings in everything.
Even in the mundane, 
little things that we sometimes take for 

After my conversation with her,
I chose to view life differently.

Instead of looking at everyday
like a version of Groundhog Day 
(yes, I'm embarrassed to 
say this is exactly how I described
it to my husband),
I now look at each day 
as an opportunity to teach my
daughter something.

To shower her with unconditional 

To show her what a blessing 
she is to us,
and how much she
has changed our lives for the better.

And to show her how to 
live for God.

Every. Single. Day.

What a relief it was 
to figure out what was bothering me
and give it to God!  
It's amazing how, when we do that,
He supplies us with renewed
peace and patience,
and helps us to see The Big Picture


Hmm...what else?

I started back at my old job 
(home health)
doing only one day a week.
So far, it's going great!

It sure is a blessing to be
able to work that one day and then spend 
the rest of my time with my
little munchkin!
Alright, now that you know
how I have changed 
in the last month,
let's look at how Peanut
has changed, too!


She started putting herself 
to sleep the week after Christmas,
and (for the most part)
continues to do so!  
This is a SERIOUS blessing---
no more bouncing
till my legs hurt! lol

We had a slight regression
that lasted a good two weeks or so
(waking early from her naps 
and throughout the night),
but now Baby Girl 
is back on track.


Reagan smiles at people
she recognizes now,
which sure does melt your heart!

She likes to squeal and 
make noises, 
but doesn't quite "babble" yet.
I'm waiting for the 
day when I hear "ma-ma-ma-ma-ma"
coming from her nursery monitor.
I'm sure it'll be
any day now! 

She likes to grab EVERYTHING now,
especially our phones.

She has figured out she can
actually bounce in
her Exersaucer,
so that occupies at least a few 
minutes of her day.

Nothing really keeps her attention
for more than ten minutes at a time, though.
Apparently, I can thank her Daddy
for this, because he was
just like that as a child.  

Grrrrrreat, lol.


The last time I weighed her,
Miss Piggy was somewhere around 16 lbs.

Yeah, I know.  

Homegirl likes to eat.

Her 6-month well-check is this Thursday,
so we shall see what she's 
at then!  


Reagan is officially sitting up
on her own!  
She loves to sit up and 
place her toys in front of her and
then kick them till they're 
out of reach.
Then she will grab them 
(or make us give them back)
and it starts all over again.

Silly puppy, lol.

We started her on baby food about two
weeks shy of her sixth month
birthday due to the doctor's recommendation.
Her reflux wasn't getting any better 
with the medications,
so we decided to stop them all and
start baby food, which 
would allow us to decrease the 
amount of formula she was getting.

Believe it or not, 
this has made a world of difference!
Her spit-up episodes have
decreased at least 75%,
and now when she does spit-up,
it's usually because 
we've jostled her a little too much.

PTL for this,
because everything was getting 
creamed with formula
puke on a daily basis! 
(Which feels even more gross
than it sounds, lol.)

So, you may be asking how
she liked the baby food.

It's food, ain't it?? 

This chick LOVES to eat!
It doesn't really matter
what it is I'm feeding her 
(although she definitely prefers 
bananas to apples
and sweet potatoes to avocados),
she opens her mouth
and cleans up that spoon
like a pro! 

That's my girl! ;)

Side Note:
I'm making all of her baby food
right now,
so if you have any pointers
or "go-to" recipes,
please leave a comment 
or message me and fill me in! 

In addition to sitting up 
and starting 
baby food, Baby Girl also
cut her first tooth!  


It's the bottom, front, right one, 
and it's teeny tiny and 
oh-so cute.  
Her Daddy and I were soooo
happy to see that little guy
poking through,
because she was constantly fussy,
not wanting to finish her bottles,
and not sleeping well 
(this was the regression I mentioned earlier).

Let's just hope she handles
it a little better next time one starts to 
come in.

(Yeah, right.)


For the most part, 
Miss Thunder-Thighs is wearing
6-month attire,
with the occasional 3-month
onesie or 9-month outfit
that fits (depending on the brand).


(Warning: prepare to be bombarded 
with cuteness!)

Bath time photoshoot! 
Miss Priss has mastered the art of 
splashing water 
with her legs, which 
makes baths way more fun!

Showing Mommy her spiffy socks.

Her first snow day!
She was less than impressed
with the cold, white stuff,

Sitting up like a big girl!
(And VERY into Mickey,
if you can't tell from 
the expression, lol.)

"I said no more pics, Mom! Now go 
to your room.  I said go!"

Diggin' her new ride (which she only 
knows how to operate in 

Big bow = big smile!

You are my sunshine...my only sunshine...

Wagon ride with Mickey!

I think the sun was a little bright. 
Poor Baby Girl couldn't see, lol.

Constructing her next masterpiece...

Fingers in the mouth.

She knows she's cool...

Snuggle time with Mommy!
(And yes, I chopped off all my hair! 
BIG mistake! Haha.)

Six month photoshoot!

My fave.

Love. This. Tiny. Human. 


That's all, folks!

I can't wait to update y'all again 
next month, 
because at the rate this kid
changes, I'm sure 
there will be tons of new milestones
to report by then!

I pray you all have a fab February!

Until we meet again...

Verse/Thought of the Day:

"I will sing of your strength, 
in the morning I will sing of your love; 
for you are my fortress, 
my refuge in times of trouble." 

Psalm 59:16

No matter the obstacle 
you're facing,
no matter how busy your 
day may be...
you're never too busy 
to stop and praise the King!

(Hey, that rhymed...sort of, lol.)