"But if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mulberry tree 'Be uprooted and planted in the sea', and it would obey you." -Luke 17:6

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Happy Hump Day, guys!  I hope everyone's having a fabulous Wednesday so far!  Sorry, WE hope y'all are having a fab Wednesday!  (Peanut was flopping/dancing around to get my attention when I typed that...she hates to be left out! lol)

The Nutter-Butter and I are up and at-em and working on this monstrous To-Do List that's in front of me.  On the list for today...

-Baby shower planning x 2 (one will be back home the middle of May and the other will be here the first week of June)...I know it's early, but I'm a planner!  And I have the hostesses already asking for details, so I've gotta get going!

-Plans to make for our "baby moon" trip to NYC in two weeks (oot oot!)

-Birthday planning for my amazing hubby's 32nd birthday in two weeks (sorry, honey, I called you out on your old age...but don't worry---you don't look a day over 21! :) )

-Wedding shower planning for my sweet soon-to-be SIL's shower (back home) in April

Man.  That's a lot of planning!  Better get started! ;)  I'll see y'all back on here Saturday for Peanut's update! Have a blessed day!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Eighteen Weeks

We're almost halfway there, folks!  Can you believe it??  I sure can't!

Before I get into the Pregnancy Progress update, I wanted to tell you all about the SUPER exciting thing that happened today...

...I felt Peanut kick!!!!  Multiple times!!!  They were definite kicks---not bubbles or vibrations like I've been feeling over the last few weeks (those are still hard to decipher).  It felt like someone was poking me from the inside, and it only lasted a second, but I know it was her!  I was in the car outside Target when I felt the first one, so I immediately called my husband to tell him.  As soon as I did, she did it again!  Over the last few hours, I've felt one or two more jabs, but never around the hubs so he can try to feel it (I know he probably won't this early, but it's worth a try!).  Needless to say, this made my day! I'm so happy and amazed to be feeling my little girl moving around in there!  EEEEEK!!

Ok, giddy freak-out moment over.  Now on to the rest of the update! :)


-mild nausea (very rarely now, which is a blessing!)
-mild cramps (usually when I'm hungry, have a full bladder, or have been on my feet a while)
-stuffy/bloody nose (the bloody part has gotten worse, but I guess that's just part of it!)
-mood swings (I'm quite snippy lately...but if I bite your head off, please know it doesn't mean I don't love you! lol)
-increased hunger (this has died down a little, but I'm still eating like a cow---who has three stomachs, in case you didn't know)
-VERY swollen (but not that tender) tahtahs (yeeeeeeah buddy! LOL)

Size of Baby:

Sweet Potato (my apps say around 6 inches and 6 ounces, but that's what she was when we had our u/s done last week, so I'm guessing she's more like 7 inches and 7 ounces now)


Peanut's on the move, y'all!  And she likes to take up residence on my bladder at night...which means I am up at least three times a night (thanks a lot, Miss Peanut).  Her hearing is getting better, so I've been playing some music through my iPhone and putting it in my pocket so she can listen.  (I think soothing piano classics are her fave, just like her Mommy. :) )  She's also now covered in vernix caseosa (in case you're wondering, this translates to "cheesy varnish" and is the white goopy stuff babies some times come out coated in), which keeps her nice and protected while she's in her water bath for the next five and a half months.  This cheesy coating will start to come off the closer it gets to the delivery date, but there's still a chance she could come out looking like a huge ball of mozzarella cheese, lol.  

Food Aversions/Cravings:

I might as well take this portion of the update off, because I would probably eat just about anything at this point!

Belly Pic:

I don't feel much bigger than last week, but I'm sure she'll still growing like a weed in there!

Only two more weeks till we get to see our little Peanut again...I can't wait!  I'm so excited to see how much she's grown already!  Maybe she'll measure big (remember she was already one day ahead last week) and they can move up my due date...hey, I can dream, can't I?? lol

Thank you again for all of the continued prayers, comments, and texts!  I know Peanut will feel just as loved as I do when she grows up and I tell her she had people all over the world praying for her health and safety!  God has truly blessed us with amazing friends and family, and we love each and every one of you! <3

Thursday, February 21, 2013

How Much Stuff Does One Kid Need??

Yes, this question comes after working tirelessly on Miss Peanut's registry all week.  Seriously, you'd think a seven-pound human being wouldn't need that much stuff, right?  Wrong!  She's going to be more high maintenance than her mommy! lol

My question for all you mommies out there is this: what are some things you deem a necessity and what really doesn't need to be added to the registry?  I'd hate to ask for and receive a bunch of things that she will never actually use (like the thousand kitchen appliances and gadgets I thought I needed when we got married, lol) but be missing out on the items that are most needed!  Help, please!

On a much less stressful note, Peanut's furniture was delivered/assembled Tuesday!  Yippy!  It's goooorgeous (if you ask me)!  I'll post pictures of her nursery once we have more done, because right now it looks a little bare in there.  I'm so excited for decorating plans to be in motion---it makes it all feel more real!  Eek!

Tomorrow I have the pleasure of babysitting the sweetest little week old baby (my husband's cousin's newborn), so wish me luck please!  I have been over there twice already and practiced all of my "Mommy duties" on him (bottle feeding, changing, burping, rocking, etc), but that was when other people were in the house.  This time I'll be all by myself...scary, I know!  Please pray for me! lol

Alright...time to get back to the registry!  As usual, I'll post Peanut's update on Saturday, so check back in then! God's growing this little miracle, and it's so exciting to be a part of something so special! :)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Seventeen Weeks


After a VERY busy (but totally fantastic) last few days, I finally have a minute to sit down a compose a decent post!  So, where to start?  Hmmm...maybe with Thursday's ultrasound, perhaps? :)

I was definitely excited (okay, that might be an understatement---I was completely giddy with anticipation!) for the ultrasound, but I knew that no matter what Peanut's gender was, we were going to love him/her just the same!  (Of course, I was rooting for a girl...;) )  My husband didn't really have a "guess" as to the sex, but I think he secretly thought it was a boy, only because pretty much everyone in his family "makes boys", lol.  Either way, though, we were just excited to find out and have that moment to share together!

They called us back pretty quickly after we did the paperwork, and we went into a large room set up with multiple TV screens and with music playing in the background.  It definitely sets the mood for a sweet moment!  The ultrasound tech didn't waste any time looking for Peanut, and as soon as she found her...tadah!  Booty shot! That little girl was apparently dying for us to know what she was just as much as we were! lol  Within about twenty seconds, my hubby (who has really good eyes and a knack for reading any sort of radiology, since he does it on a daily basis) said, "It's a girl, isn't it?", to which the u/s tech replied, "Yep!  She sure is!  You saw that right away, didn't you, Daddy?" (I think he might be a tad bit proud he could determine his child's gender himself, lol.)  Honestly, I thought she was a girl, but in the back of my mind, but I was sort of expecting the u/s tech to tell us it was a boy!  But whenever I heard those words, I was a mix of emotions...shocked, excited, scared (after all, girls can be a handful!), and overwhelmed with joy!  It was an a-maz-ing experience, to say the least, and it made us realize even more what a miracle and blessing this baby is!

So here's the u/s pictures from that portion of the session (the bottom one is just a sweet profile pic, which makes her look like she's kissing the placenta):

Can you see it??  There's no denying she's a girl!  And judging by her choice of poses, Baby Girl's not modest in the least! lol (Geez....her Daddy and I both hope that changes once she arrives!!)

Once the u/s tech confirmed the gender, she went on to listening to the heartbeat (a strong 150 bpm), measuring Peanut, and explaining the anatomy.  She explained that I have an anterior placenta, which means that my placenta is on the front wall of my uterus.  This is completely normal and doesn't really mean anything, except that I may not be able to feel her kicking as soon as someone who's placenta is on the side or back of the uterus.  She then measured Peanut's head, stomach, and femur bone to get her gestational age and EDD (estimated due date), and she's actually measuring a day ahead, which makes my EDD July 26th (that's likely to change again, though).  Guess the little munchkin likes all the food Mommy's been giving her! ;)

We had originally wanted to do the 4D u/s, but decided to just stick with the normal 2D one since Peanut wouldn't quite look like the baby who will be joining us in July (due to less fat, muscle, etc).  But the u/s tech went ahead and flipped the machine to 4D, so we got to see her looking all skinny and alien-like anyway!  I have to admit, she's one darn cute little alien baby if you ask me! lol  We got to watch her moving around (and man, was she dancing away in there!) and putting her hand under her chin, behind her head, and over her face.  It's amazing how much personality she has for being so tiny!  Here are the 4D pictures:

The first one is pretty self explanatory, but the second one can be a little more difficult to figure out.  Her face is turned to the side, and she has her hand on her ear (maybe we were being loud??).  The large blob looking thing in front of her is the placenta, which she's all snuggled up against (and her feet---which you can't see---are pushing on my bladder...ouch, lol).  Isn't she the cutest, scrawniest, most adorable little Peanut EVER?? :)

So that was the ultrasound!  Next came the Gender Reveal party (an agonizing two days later).  The house was decorated in a blue and pink theme, just to keep everyone guessing.  I made blue and pink "voting sticks" so that people could cast their vote when they came in (some of them also wore pink or blue depending on their guess).  We took pictures of all "Team Blue" and "Team Pink", with everyone holding up their sticks.  Surprisingly, there were a lot of blue votes!  Here are the sticks I made:

We decided to announce the sex of the baby by putting colored icing in the center of a cupcake, so that when everyone bit into it, they could see the bright pink.  When it came time to announce it, everyone had a cupcake and I said, "Are you right?  Take a big bite!" My MIL (who was so excited she almost couldn't take it anymore) broke her cupcake open instead of biting into it (smart thinking, GG!), so about five seconds after I finished saying "bite", she screamed out "IT'S A GIRL!!!!" and jumped up to come hug us, while most of the other people hadn't even taken a bite yet or had a mouth full of cupcake and couldn't speak! LOL  It was quite fun to watch everyone's reaction to the much-anticipated "verdict", and definitely worth the wait, if you ask me!  Here is one of the yummy cupcakes, which had a chocolate ganache glaze and white fondant question mark on top):

All of the grandparents are thrilled at the thought of having a sweet little granddaughter (it is the first grandchild for my MIL/FIL and the second for my parents, who also have another granddaughter)! The rest of the family was just as excited at the thought of picking out tiny pink tutus and hairbows! lol  I have a feeling this baby girl is going to be Spoiled (with a capital "S")!

Once the party was over, my mom, future sister-in-law, and I went to make a final decision on the baby furniture (which should be delivered Tuesdsay---oot oot!).  My amazing Baby Daddy (with the help of his dad and my dad/brother) managed to clean out the room that will be the nursery while we were gone, so rather than a few areas on the that need touching-up, it's ready for Peanut's furniture!  Looks like the nursery decorating will finally be underway!  Yaaaaaay!

Man.  What an amazing weekend!  Now for a little Pregnancy Progress Update...whatcha say?  


-mild cramping (on and off)
-mild nausea
-pretty constant heartburn/indigestion (yuck)

Size of Baby:

Onion (according to the u/s, Peanut is roughly 6 ounces and 6 inches long, which is a pretty big onion, if you ask me!)


She is going to start to store brown fat (baby fat) this week, which should help her to look more like a chubby little baby.  Her movements will start to be stronger and more frequent, and loud noises outside the uterus might startle her.

Food Cravings/Aversions:

Everything and none! lol

Belly Pic:

I've definitely grown this week!  I can feel my uterus a little more than halfway to the belly button when I'm laying down; it feels like a hard ball.  I think my tummy has gotten more pronounced and rounder in shape...what do you think?

Well, guys, that's all my news!  Thanks again for being patient yesterday while waiting for the results---I know it wasn't easy!  I'll keep you all filled in on Peanut's progress and any other happenings, so stay tuned!  And, as always, to God be the glory, for great things He has done---and is still doing!! :)

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Peanut's Gender Revealed

It's a.........(drum roll please)


Here's Peanut's lovely booty shot she gave us first thing Thursday afternoon (sorry it's a bit blurry):

We are overjoyed and oh-so in love with our sweet little girl!!!  I'm sorry it took so long to post, but my family is all here and it's been quite the busy day!  I promise to post more tomorrow!  :)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

It's Here!!!

Today's the day, y'all!!!

We will finally find out if Peanut is a "he" or a "she"!  I am BEYOND excited, and have been counting down the hours for the last few days now (T minus two and a half hours as of eight minutes ago! lol)! My husband doesn't seem to be nearly as excited, but he's a dude, so you know they like to keep their emotions in check. ;)  Me, on the other hand?  I'm a total basket case of emotions, and I'm not afraid to show it! Eeeeek!!!

Of course, I won't be posting Peanut's gender on here today...you guys will all have to (not so patiently) wait until the family finds out at our party on Saturday.  But I promise I will post as soon as I can!  :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sixteen Week Appointment

I'm here, I'm here...sorry to keep you guys waiting for an update!

Today has been a long, busy day...started out with a migraine last night that kept me up all night (unfortunately, it's still with me...ugh).  Then my husband's cousin finally went into labor (at forty-one weeks) in the middle of the night, so after my appointment this morning, my MIL and I rushed over there to see her and the baby...only to find out that the hospital wasn't allowing visitors that weren't "immediate family", so we had to settle for seeing Mr. Cutie Pie through the nursery window.  By the time we got home, I was just exhausted, so I had to have a little down time.  But now that I've gotten a second wind, it's update time! :)

Our appointment this morning was (once again) uneventful, which I count as a blessing!  Dr S was happy with my weight gain (I've gained about two and a half pounds so far) and blood pressure (which was just a tad bit elevated last time--probably due to being on bed rest/almost no activity for so long).  I had my blood drawn for the Cystic Fibrosis screening and Quad screen (which checks for traits of Downs Syndrome); those results should be back within a week or so.

Then I got to hear my beautiful Peanut's heartbeat...ahhhhh.  That never gets old!  He/she behaved very well and was easy to find (smack dab in the middle of my belly button and pubic bone), and the heart beat was just a-going in the 150's (which further supports my guess that Peanut's a girl ;) ).  The nurse who did the fetal doppler was very pleased with how things sounded, which of course, makes for a happy Mommy!

I went ahead and made our twenty-week appointment (when we get to have another ultrasound---yay!) for a month out (March 12th), which just happens to be my hubby's birthday!  I can't think of a better birthday treat than to get to see our little Nutter-Butter in action, can you?  (Okay, maybe a delicious chocolate cake...but we can get that anytime! Uh oh...now I want some chocolate cake...lol.)

So, now that this busy day is complete, it's time to relax, eat some sketti my fave MIL made for us (thanks, GG!), and try to get rid of this blasted headache!  But, in case you aren't keeping track of our latest countdown...there's only forty-five hours and fifteen minutes until our big ultrasound!!! EEEEEK!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Sixteen Weeks

Wow...has it really been four months already??  I guess having longer to wait in between doctor's appointments makes time go by quicker, because I feel like I was just twelve weeks and going to see Dr S for the first time!  At this rate, I have a feeling July is going to come very quickly...and I'm okay with that!  I'm already anxious to meet our little Peanut! :)

Next Tuesday at 9am, we have our second appointment with Dr S, where we will listen to the heartbeat and then take some blood for routine genetic screening.  This should be a pretty basic "in and out" appointment, but it's always nice to hear that tiny heart "galloping" away and be reassured that everything is progressing as it should be!

So, what's Mister (or Miss) Peanut been up to this week?  Let's check it out!


-nausea (this has come back with a vengeance the last two days, but still no vomiting---PTL!)
-low backache
-achy hips/legs
-restlessness (this drives me bonkers...I am usually up 3-4 times a night to potty, and then I can't go back to sleep...grrrr)
-fatigue (the restlessness doesn't help this, obviously!)
-dull cramps
-short, sharp pains in groin every now and then (I'm thinking this must be my round ligaments stretching as Peanut grows)
-INTENSE hunger (just talking about being hungry makes me hungry...this kid must be a human garbage disposal like his Daddy! lol)

Size of Baby:

Avocado (4.5-5 inches long and 3.5-4 ounces)


Peanut is starting to listen to my voice more and should be able to recognize it once he/she arrives! He also might get startled by loud noises (which should be interesting once I can actually feel him moving).

His eyelashes, eyebrows, and hair are all growing (or continuing to grow) in this week, and baby fat is starting to accumulate to keep him nice and warm once he joins us in July!

Food Cravings:

-RIBS!!!! (Luckily, the hubs and I are going on a double date with some sweet friends of ours tonight, and I plan on indulging in this craving!  Make some room, Peanut!! lol)

-Burger King sweet tea (I don't know why theirs is the best, but I crave it daily and let myself have a small one most days)

-chicken tenders and french fries (this is horrible, isn't it??  Ugh...but they're soooo good!)

Food Aversions:

None (right now).  If it's food, I'll eat it!  Or at least give it a shot! ;)

Belly Pic:

Still not a whole lot of noticeable growth happening yet, but I'm confident I'll "pop" any day now!

Now I'm off to work on some decorations for the Gender Reveal Party!  I hope everyone has a fab weekend, and I'll check in after my appointment Tuesday to let you know how the ole' Peanut-ster's doing!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

T-Minus Nine Days!

Ahhhhh!  It's getting closer!  Technically, we'll have The Big Ultrasound in exactly one week from today, but our party isn't until that Saturday.  To tell you the truth, as excited as I am to know what we're having (and I'm pretty stinkin' excited), I can't wait for this party!  As selfish or sneaky as this may sound, with the long process of infertility and IVF (and blogging about every detail), the hubs and I haven't had a lot of "secrets" that we can find out together and keep to ourselves for a few days, so I feel like this party satisfies that need for a "Surprise!" moment.  Now...I sure do hope Peanut cooperates next Thursday, or else we're going to have to turn the gathering into a "Happy Seventeen-Week Pre-Birthday" party! lol

So, while we wait for the Big Reveal, I want to take a moment and praise God again for this opportunity He has given me.  Not just to be Peanut's Mommy (which is amazing in itself!), but also to be able to share this journey with you guys.  Although I like to share pregnancy updates and Peanut's progress, this blog is really not about me.  It is 100% about giving the Lord the praise for what He has done in my life, and to encourage others to stay faithful while they figure out His will for their lives.

I pray daily that God use me and our infertility story to His glory, and just when I think I'm at a standstill (meaning I feel like maybe no one is reading or getting anything out of my posts anymore), the Lord opens the door for me to be able to share His love and faithfulness with yet another person. Every time this happens, I have to stop and thank Him for allowing me to be a light for Him...a light that may otherwise never be seen.  It is such an awesome feeling to be able to share God's unconditional love and perfect plan with others---it just blows my mind!

I read this message in my Celebration of Life devotional the other day, and felt like God wanted me to use it in my next post.  Then, upon speaking with a friend of mine from back home that is having struggles of her own, I knew this message was meant to be shared!  It's entitled "Our Greatest Refuge"...

"God is our greatest refuge.  When every earthly support system fails, God remains steadfast, and His love remains unchanged.  When we encounter life's inevitable disappointments and setbacks, God remains faithful.  When we suffer losses that leave us breathless, God is always with us, always ready to respond to our prayers, always working in us and through us to turn tragedy into triumph....Even during life's most difficult days, God stands by us.  Our job, of course, is to return the favor and stand by Him."

The verse that goes with it is Hebrews 10:36: "For you have need of endurance, so that when you have done the will of God, you may receive what was promised."

Wow.  I mean, really.  I hope that blesses you as much as it did me!

I also hope that God allows me to continue to share my journey (of both my faith and infertility battles---although don't they really go hand in hand?) with you all for as long as He sees fit.  Thank y'all for continuing to check on Peanut and I, for continuing to pray for us, and for continuing to bless me through your comments/emails/texts...I am truly blessed and extremely grateful! :)

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Fifteen Weeks...

...and still going strong!  Praise the Lord for allowing us to get this far and enjoy this amazing journey!  I can't believe that in just twenty-five weeks (give or take a few) we'll be welcoming our little Peanut into the world!  Ahhhhh!

Speaking of Peanut...let's see what he/she has been up to this week!


-nausea (this has been not as frequent this week---woohoo!)
-bloating/gassiness (especially after eating...which I do a lot of! lol)
-insatiable appetite
-on and off headaches...almost every day now
-achy hips/back/lower abdomen (Peanut must be hitting a growth spurt again!)
-stuffy/bloody nose
-light headedness (mainly when standing up)

Size of Baby:

Navel Orange (4-4.5 inches and roughly 2.5 ounces)


Peanut's hair is starting to come in on that noggin of his (or hers).  But, if he's anything like my brothers and I, the poor thing will be bald for the first two years of his life! lol  I'm praying he takes after his Daddy and has at least a little fuzzy blonde hair when he's born! ;)

Some women may start to feel their babies move around this time (that might include "flutters, flops, bubbles popping, popcorn popping", etc), but that's usually women who have had a baby before and know what to expect.  I can't wait to feel little Peanut moving around in there!  Eek!!

Food Cravings/Aversions:

All I can say about this right now is don't mention food around me, or I'm going to start craving whatever it is you mentioned!  Tacos, donuts, chips, chicken, soup, Outback Bloomin' Onion (thanks, Amber! ;) )...it really doesn't matter to me at this point!  My mouth starts watering, my stomach starts growling, I get sick to my stomach because I'm so hungry, and I've gotta have it (even if it's just a bite)! From the looks of things nowadays, I'm guessing Peanut's NOT going to be a picky-eater! lol

Belly Pic:

I can't tell too much of a difference in the size of The Bump this week, but it does look a little pointier to me.  That must be Peanut's long legs poking out already! ;)

Ooooohtay, time for more cleaning and organizing!  By the time Peanut gets here, there won't be ANY clutter in my house---I'm making sure of that! lol  I pray you all have a fun (and safe!) Superbowl weekend!