"But if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mulberry tree 'Be uprooted and planted in the sea', and it would obey you." -Luke 17:6

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Twenty-Three Weeks

Why, hello again!  I hope you all had a great week and have been able to enjoy this beautiful Easter Weekend so far!  It's been pretty low key for the hubs and I...just doing stuff around the house, working out, etc.  Better cherish this quiet time while it lasts, because next Easter will be filled with lots of egg dying, egg hunting, and Easter Bunny pictures! Oh boy, I can't wait! :)  

So, this week we're celebrating twenty-three weeks of pregnancy---woohoo!  I swear, is it just me, or does time seem to go by faster and faster with each passing week??  I'm definitely not complaining; I get more and more eager to meet our little Peanut every day!  Come on, July!  

As always, let's take a peek at little Miss' progress...


-heartburn/indigestion (O. M. G.  I can't drink water without getting one or both of these anymore)
-backache/achy hips and legs
-fatigue (definitely noticing this more lately...but I still can't seem to take a nap during the day!)
-nausea (mostly when I'm really hungry or when I get those wicked heartburn attacks)
-increased hunger 
-mild hot flashes (mainly at night or when I'm wearing socks...odd, huh?)

Size of Baby:

Pomegranate (about a foot long still and a little over a pound...this weight should double within the next four weeks, though!)


Reagan is starting to recognize our voices and familiar sounds/songs!  I swear she starts to move around more when her Daddy is talking (not necessarily to her, even), but he thinks the opposite because she will stop kicking when he puts his hand on my belly.  (Guess she's just being stubborn...wonder where she gets that from?? ;) lol)  She also likes it when I play music on my phone or in the car.  Certain things startle her, like the house alarm going off or if someone honks their horn. It's so funny to feel her reaction to different sounds!

Belly Pic:

I know I have a ways to go, but man, do I feel like a beached whale already!  As my super sweet husband informed me recently, I no longer look like I have a "beer gut", but now "actually look pregnant".  I know, sweet, huh? lol  But he did follow that up by telling me I don't look pregnant from the front or the back, just when I turn to the side.  Awww, thanks, Baby Daddy! ;)  Anyway, here is our weekly picture from this morning...

That's it for this week, guys and gals!  I have some things to accomplish in Reagan's room (organizing the closet and putting up her adorable name decal that came in this week---eek!), and then I think I will lay on the couch and watch Food Network reruns till my little heart is content while the Mister is out playing golf.  Doesn't that sound divine?  The only way it could get better is if a chocolate cake with fudge icing magically appeared in my kitchen...uh oh, I've done it now.  I've started a craving that I might just have to go to the store to satisfy...lol.  

I pray you all have a fabulous Easter Sunday celebrating the resurrection of our Lord!  Even with all of the yummy food, family time, easter eggs, and candy, remember the reason we honor this weekend: the sacrifice that was made and the promise that was fulfilled.  "He is not here; He has risen, just as He said He would!" (Matthew 28:6)  To God be the glory! :)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Thankful Tuesday

All too often, we get so busy with life and all that it entails that we forget to stop and be thankful for the little things.  So, today I thought I'd take a moment and give God the praise for just a few of the many, many things He has blessed me with!

I'm Thankful For (in no particular order)...

-another day to wake up

-a warm bed and beautiful home to wake up in

-this tiny miracle that woke me up kicking away this morning, and who is healthy and continuing to grow every day

-the financial stability to be able to take time off work while our miracle grows

-a husband who loves me unconditionally, supports me in all of my endeavors (including all my moments of "I totally think I can do that!" and then give up shortly after...like making homemade hair bows...), and is a shining example of a Godly man

-an amazing group of people that I get to call "family" (seriously, y'all rock my socks off!)

-a multitude of friends who never fail to let me know I'm loved and being prayed for

-Burger King sweet tea (what??? I'm thankful for it! lol)

-God's never-ending love, mercy, faithfulness, and forgiveness

-a man named Jesus who gave His life on the cross so that I (and you!) can live for eternity in heaven, and for God's willingness to send this man...His one and only son.  Romans 5:8 says "God demonstrated His own love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us." (To read more about this ultimate sacrifice and how you, too, can live for eternity with Him, click here!)

The list could go on and on, but these are just some of the things that are on my heart this morning! What are you thankful for today??  How has God blessed your life?  I hope you get the time today (even if it's just a few minutes on the elevator, in the car, or during your lunch break) to stop and tell the Father how grateful you are...He's a humble God, but He does like to hear a "thank you" every now and then! ;)

Have a blessed day, you guys!  See you back here Saturday!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Twenty-Two Weeks

Goooood morning, y'all!  I hope everyone is enjoying their day so far!  Mine has been spent taking our obese cat to the vet for his checkup (he's down four pounds in two years...now he's only thirteen and a half pounds! lol) and doing a little online browsing for cute baby stuff (I've got a serious shopping problem...but the first step is admitting it, right?? ;) )  Other than the yucky weather, it's shaping up to be a great weekend!

What makes this weekend even better is being able to say we're yet another week closer to meeting Miss Reagan!  Today marks twenty-two weeks---where did the last two weeks go?!  Even though we're still eighteen weeks away from her arrival, it's starting to feel a little more "real"---we're actually going to be parents!!!  I've been feeling her move even more over the last few days, and my husband and I have been talking to her so she can recognize our voices later.  (I have to say, nothing melts my heart more than hearing my husband say sweet things to our daughter while she's in there baking...it's soooo sweet!)  I just pray these next few months go by just as quickly so we can meet the little girl who has already stolen our hearts and has us wrapped around her tiny little finger! :)

Ok, so let's see what Peanut has been doing the last few days (I know I just posted my late weekly update on Tuesday, but I have to get back on track, so bear with me, guys!)...


-headache (more frequently...the lovely thick layer of pollen everywhere might be to blame for this)
-restlessness/fatigue (the two go hand in hand)
-gassiness/bloating/constipation (oh, the joys...lol)
-backache/achy hips
-bloody/stuffy nose
-increased hunger

Size of Baby:

Papaya (11-12 inches and over 1 pound!  Way to grow, Baby Reagan!)


With her eyes and lips being more developed, Peanut's definitely resembling a newborn now!  She also is sleeping more often---as much as fourteen hours a day!  Her more active times are throughout the night and first thing in the morning, which means Mommy and Daddy are in for it once she gets here! lol  Her movements are definitely starting to be more noticeable since she's gained weight and is getting stronger...I think she even gave me the "people's elbow" this morning---ouch!  Every movement is such a blessing though, and each one makes me smile (even the painful ones)!

Belly Pic:

As baby grows, so does The Bump!  The top of my uterus is now about an inch above my belly button (which is struggling to stay an "inny" as the skin gets tighter and tighter! lol).  She's still lying fairly low though; I usually feel her a few inches below my belly button.

Well, that's it for this week, folks!  As I end today's update, I want to (once again---it never gets old!) give God all of the glory for yet another week of health and blessings.  He has brought us so far, and blessed us beyond belief.  He has made my faith stronger than I ever thought possible, and He is using me to touch others in such an amazing way.  My heart is steadily trusting in Him, and I believe He will see His perfect plan through to the end!  I'll leave y'all with a verse that makes my heart smile every time I hear/read it...it reminds me that every child is a gift from our Father and that He truly does hear our prayers! "For this child I have prayed for, and You have granted me my request." (Samuel 1:27) Thank you, Lord, for answered prayers!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Twenty-One Weeks and Peanut's Name Revealed!

We made it back safe and sound from NYC!  Woohoo!  We had a blast (minus the cold weather/snow/ice), but I know I, for one, am sooooo happy to be back home again!  I missed my huge pregnancy pillow and my sweet tea! ;)

So, now we get to celebrate my twenty-first week of pregnancy!  Yaaaay!  And I actually did remember to take a belly pic Saturday morning, so we're still on track!  Let's take a peek at Peanut's progress, shall we?


-backache (even worse during our long walks in the city---no surprise there!)
-headaches (on and off)
-intense hunger (at times)
-frequent pee trips (still mostly at night...thanks, Peanut!)

Size of Baby:

Pomegranate (about 10.5 inches and 13 ounces)


Peanut is starting to put on a little weight, and it's just the beginning!  From now until she's born, her weight will increase to roughly eight times what it is now (that's estimating she will be 6.5 pounds on delivery day)!  No wonder I'm so hungry all the time---she's using all of my fuel to grow! lol

She seemed to really like our little vacation, especially the Broadway play (we saw "Wicked"---highly recommend it!) and the plane ride!  She kicked me nonstop during both, lol.  I feel her on a regular basis now, and can tell when she's flipping over, kicking, or punching.  (She's actually practicing her jabs as we speak!) What a wonderful experience it is to feel a little life moving inside of me!  I can't stop thanking God for this opportunity He's blessed me with!

Belly Pic:

I sure do feel bigger this week, but don't notice it too much in the picture.  (Please excuse the horrible hotel lighting, as well as the marks all over my belly from fighting with the sheets all night, lol.)

Alright, now for the part I'm sure you've all been waiting for.......the reveal of Peanut's name!!!  We officially decided on it the day before our trip, and wanted to share it with our parents before we told the world (I'm sure you guys understand! ;) ).  Once we got back, I rushed to the monogramming shop here in town to have them make her first little personalized outfit so I could properly "announce" it! So, without further ado...here's our sweet baby girl's name!

Sooooo...what do y'all think??  We are so in love with this name, although it still sounds weird to call her anything but "Peanut"!  The poor child...she'll have that nickname for the rest of her life!  LOL! "Reagan" is just a name my hubs and I both liked (we had it narrowed down to either that or "Madelyn"), and then "Elizabeth" is after my Mom.  This will make the third generation of daughters named after their grandmothers---I love that!  I can't believe our little miracle has a name now...it makes things seem that much more real!  Eeeek!

Well, with the trip and deciding on her name, this week has definitely been an exciting one!  I thank God for a safe trip, healthy baby (and Mommy), and a decision made (which is not as easy as it sounds if you know my husband, lol)!  I can't wait to see what exciting things are in store for us over the next nineteen weeks!  :)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Twenty Week Ultrasound

Man, oh man...has it been a busy day!  Between our appointment this morning, my husband's birthday, and trying to finish getting ready for our trip tomorrow, I've been a busy little bee! But all fun stuff, so I can't complain! ;)

So, I'm sure you're all wondering how our little Peanut is looking and growing...and I'm so grateful to report that everything looks perfect, she's still a baby girl (PTL---otherwise Mommy was going to have some returning to do! lol), and she even posed for the camera a little!  Here's a brief synopsis of the appointment and some pictures of our pretty little princess...

-She is weighing about twelve ounces now, which the ultrasound tech said is "perfect...not too big, not too small!"

-According to her measurements, my due date is still July 27th, but according to their records from Dr T, they're calling it July 29th.  They won't adjust it because it's only two days off, so it's no biggie.  I just hope she comes sooner than later! lol

-Peanut is head down right now, with her head towards the right side of my bladder (hello pressure!).  She could choose to stay in this position the rest of the time OR she could be a little rascal and flip around to a breech presentation.  The amount of space she will have to do this is quickly decreasing, so my prayer is that she stays put, or otherwise we'll have to schedule ourselves a C-Section!

-Her heart is pumping beautifully, at about 145-155 beats per minute.  The tech was zoomed in more, so we could see all of the chambers working hard to get all of her blood circulated.  What an amazing sight!  

-She still likes to put her hands up around her face, behind her head, and under her chin.  She actually sucked her thumb during this appointment, which was a first for us to get to see and A-DOR-A-BLE to watch!  The picture of it (I posted it below, too) is, by far, our favorite!

-My weight is increasing just as it should be...so far I've gained seven pounds (which is an average of about a pound a week since the second trimester began---right on track!).  Watching that scale go up every week is soooo hard, but I tell myself it's all for this tiny miracle, so I'll take it! :)

-My blood pressure was also doing great; it was 103/65 this time.  When we first started out, I had been on bed rest for several weeks and hadn't been able to exercise, etc., so just walking into the office was enough to make my pressure jump up (I believe it was around 130/80 then).  I've been continuing to walk at least four times a week (four to five miles in our hilly neighborhood), so I was pleased to see that exercising has helped it tremendously!  Mommy sure doesn't need any Pregnancy Induced Hypertension (PIH--which can lead to Preeclampsia), so PTL for this additional blessing!

-They drew my thyroid levels since they haven't been checked since the week of Christmas (they were totally normal then).  I should know the results of that test either tomorrow or Thursday, and then they can adjust my thyroid medication from there.  Praying it's all within normal limits and I don't have to increase my meds anymore!

Okay dokey...now for the pictures!

This one is a 3D image of her sucking her thumb while her other hand is tucked up underneath her chin/cheek.  Isn't she presh?!

This is a side view of her pretty profile...the tech said "well she sure is photogenic"! I like to think she gets that from me...hehehe.

Here is another (2D) image of her sucking her thumb.  When her thumb wasn't in her mouth, she was making kissy faces or acting like she was chewing something.  Too cute!

It's still a girl!!  Woohoo!  Here's her little "tootie" and legs (which look nice and strong, don't you think?).

And lastly, we got a picture of her tiny feet!  Of course, Daddy had to count all of the bones in her feet to make sure she has five toes (and yes, she does!)...silly Daddy. ;) 

That's about it!  Our next appointment is for April 9th at 9am (just a routine doppler, weight, and blood pressure).  It was so great to able to see how she's grown and what a personality she has already!  We are so thankful and feel so blessed that everything is a-okay with our little Peanut...God is so good!!!

Now that we know everything is looking good with the Nutter-Butter, it's time to head to NYC for a little vacay/baby moon!  Please pray for a safe, fun trip and that Miss Peanut behaves herself while we're gone! I'll be sure to take my belly pic Saturday morning, and I'll update you all when we get back!  I hope you guys have a blessed week!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Twenty Weeks

I hate to torture you guys, but I've been waiting twenty weeks to be able to do this...brace yourselves, folks.

(In my loudest "singing" voice, while strumming my air guitar...)

"Oooooooooh....we're halfway there!  Oooo--oh!  Livin' on a prayer!"  

Whew!  That felt good!!  Thanks for letting me get that out! ;) Now back to our regularly scheduled programming...

Yes, y'all, we've made it to the halfway point!  Peanut is officially twenty weeks "pre-old" today!  What a huge blessing it is to have made it this far!  It's hard to imagine that in just five more months (give or take a few weeks), we'll be welcoming our little girl into the world!  Gaaaaah!

Peanut and I were finally able to shake that nasty cold this week (PTL!), so now we can focus on our big ultrasound and her Daddy's birthday next Tuesday and our trip to the Big Apple on Wednesday!  But let's see what else we've been up to this week...


-mild cramping last night and today (guess she's hitting a growth spurt again??)
-mild-moderate nausea the last few days
-reflux/heartburn (I'm going to buy stock in Tums)
-itching (must be from my skin stretching)
-off and on headache (I don't know if this is from hormones or my residual congestion)
-frequent urination
-painful bubble gut (ouch!)
-even bigger tahtah's (I mean, really...how big can they get?? Geesh! lol)
-very sensitive nipples (sorry to any male family members that's reading this!  But it's true!)

Size of Baby:

Banana (around 7 inches and 10 ounces)


Peanut has working taste buds now!  And apparently, what I eat can affect the taste of the amniotic fluid she's swimming around in and drinking on a daily basis!  Studies have shown that because of this, some babies actually crave the stuff their mommies ate when it's time to transition to grown-up food!  (Maybe that's why I love egg rolls so much, Mom?? lol)  

Our little munchkin has also been practicing her own dance/gymnastics routine this week...she's been moving around like crazy!  She has her times when she prefers to sleep (fetuses at this stage sleep roughly 12-14 hours a day), but otherwise she's kicking and flipping away in there!  And I LOVE it! :)

Belly Pic:

Even though it still looks little, there's no hiding this bump anymore!  It's on display in all of my shirts and seems to be growing more and more each day!  It's getting harder to find something comfortable to wear...I can't wait for summer to get here so I can wear tank tops and stretchy shorts all day! lol  

Well, I guess it's time to tackle the task I've been dreading the most...packing for the cold weather in NYC!  Of course I have to be going to one of the most fashionable cities when I can barely find something comfortable and cute to wear to the grocery store! Is it bad if I just wear sweats, scarves, and rain boots all week??  Someone please say yes! lol

I'll keep you guys posted on our appointment with Dr S on Tuesday (it's at 10:30am).  Until then, please keep those prayers coming that Peanut (are I) stay healthy and that she keeps growing as she should! And, as always, give praise to God for this tiny miracle He has blessed us with, as well as the works He is doing in the lives of so many others!  I'll leave you with a few verses of praise that are on my heart this morning: "Sing to Him, sing praises to Him; speak of all His wonders!" (1 Chronicles 16:9) "Now therefore, our God, we thank you and we praise Your glorious name!" (1 Chronicles 29:13) Amen! :)

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I'm On the Mend!

PTL, y'all!  My cold is finally letting up!!  I thought it was getting better Monday, but it was only taking a break and then came back full force by that afternoon.  This morning, I woke up to some stuffiness and a scratchy throat, but nothing I can't handle.  Looks like I may be back to normal (how "normal" are you really during pregnancy, though?? lol) before our trip next week!  Woohoo!  Now, if I can only keep my baby daddy from getting sick!

Little Miss Peanut seems to be doing well, too.  She took Monday off and slept most of the day, but she's been quite active yesterday and today!  Guess everyone needs a "lazy day", huh? ;)

Only six days left till our big twenty-week ultrasound with Dr S!  Eek!  We're so excited to see how our little miracle is growing and to watch her dancing around in there! Every time we get to see/feel/hear her makes our hearts happy and reminds us even more of God's love and faithfulness!

Allllllriiiiighty...nap time! :)  I'll see you guys back here on Saturday for Peanut's twenty-week Pregnancy Progress Update, when we'll officially hit the halfway point!  Yaaaaay!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Nineteen Weeks

Only one more week and we'll be halfway through this amazing pregnancy journey!  Wowzers!  It seems like only yesterday we were getting the call with that first wonderful beta number and spending the rest of the evening (and weeks to follow, to be honest) saying, "Wow...we're going to be parents...we're actually going to be PARENTS!" I am absolutely awestruck and grateful beyond belief by the miracle God is allowing us to witness and experience through this pregnancy...and the best is still yet to come!

So, what have Peanut and I spent our week doing?  As you could tell from my midweekly post, lots of planning!  PTL I was able to get most of that accomplished, though, so now I can enjoy all of these showers/trips/weddings that are going to be coming up in the next few months!  Now till July is going to be busy, busy, busy (which may help pass the time till our little girl gets here)!

Peanut and I also managed to catch a nasty cold this week...yuck.  Who wants to spend their week/weekend stuffed up and achy?  Not this chick!  The last few nights have been awful, since I haven't been sleeping very well anyway, and now I can't breathe, which makes resting even less of a possibility.  But, on the plus side, I woke up today feeling the same (if not slightly better) than yesterday, which means it's not getting any worse!  Hopefully by next week I'll be back to my normal, pregnant self! ;)

Now, let's see what my little Nutter-Butter has been doing as far as growing, etc...


These are all out of whack because of my cold...so let's try this portion again next week, shall we?

Size of Baby:

Mango (roughly 7 inches and 8.5 ounces, per the Baby apps)


Peanut must be content, because she's been kicking away in there!  As you may remember, I felt her kick for the first time last Saturday morning, and my husband actually had the pleasure of feeling her Wednesday night!  (It may have been the hiccups, because they nudges were pretty frequent and in the same spot, but nonetheless, he felt them!)  What an awesome moment that was!  Ever since then she's been on the move...even during the middle of the night (I think I wake her up with my sneezing/coughing fits...sorry, sweetheart!).  I love feeling her wiggling around in there, and every time I feel that nudge it makes me smile!

She has developed her own little ovaries now, which will contain all of the eggs she will ever need in her lifetime...isn't that crazy?!  She also will start having more of a "wake/sleep pattern", which she will likely stick to once she's born (sleep, baby girl, SLEEP! lol).

Belly Pic:

There's definitely been some growth since last week...or at least I feel there has been!  She's moving up higher in my stomach (I can feel her right under my belly button at times), which my bladder is very appreciative of, lol.

Now I think Miss Peanut and I will go try to take a little nap...we've got to nip this cold in the butt and refuel before our trip to NYC on the 13th!  Have a blessed day, y'all! :)