"But if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mulberry tree 'Be uprooted and planted in the sea', and it would obey you." -Luke 17:6

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Two More Weeks!

That's right...in just two weeks from today, we'll finally get to find out whether we have a little boy or girl Peanut growing in this belly of mine! (My husband insists if it's a girl, we should change the nickname to "Peanutette" or something more feminine, lol) Anyway, I am beyond excited!

Since I'm a huge plan-ahead-er, I already have the big details (furniture, bedding, room accessories, stroller, car seat, etc) all picked out and/or saved on registries.  (Did you expect anything less? lol)  Of course, I'll have to wait until we know the gender to start clothes shopping (gender-neutral stuff all looks the same from store to store, if you ask me) and picking out hair accessories or ball caps.  All I'm waiting on is the word "boy" or "girl" and I'm going to be permanently rooted at our local Babies R' Us, Carters, and other baby boutiques!  I can't wait to fill up Peanut's closet with itty bitty outfits!  Eek!!!

So, it seems the only minor detail (let me rephrase that: HUGE DECISION) we're falling short on is...


Now, don't get me wrong.   have a name of lists for each sex (ok...I'll admit...I've had this list for a long time), and I periodically will go through and weed out the ones that make me go, "What was I thinking adding this to the lists??"  Overall, there are a few top contenders on both lists...names that I just can't get out of my head or that I can just picture us calling our little one.  The only hold-up with deciding on a definite name for either gender is my crazy (but still oh-so-endearing) husband!  He is insistent that we wait until we know if Peanut's a "he" or a "she" before he will even discuss the matter.  In his words, deciding on a boy AND girl name is "double the work".  Yes, you read that right...double the work.  LOL  He says since there's only one baby, we only need one name.  So why don't we just wait until we know for sure what the baby's gender is and then focus all of our attention on picking the perfect name?  I know, he sort of has a point, doesn't he?  But, let me tell ya, this Mommy doesn't care about doing a little extra name-picking work...she just wants to have it decided already! lol  But oh well...I only have to wait two more weeks, right?? (Twiddling my thumbs...;) ) 

While we wait, why don't you all fill me in on what YOU think Peanut's name should be?  Send me those comments/emails/etc!  I can't wait to hear your thoughts! 

Before I sign off for the night and head to the kitchen to start dinner, I wanted to share another PTL moment with you all!  It actually doesn't have to do with Peanut and I, but instead, it's regarding some of those folks I asked you guys to be praying for.  I won't go into detail about their situations, but I wanted to let you know that God is hearing our prayers and working in their lives!  Faith is growing, hearts are being poured out to the Lord, God's plan is slowly being revealed, and miracles are in the beginning stages!  Thank you, Father, for your love, blessings, and patience...and thank you, prayer warriors, for lifting them (and us) up to the Lord!  

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Fourteen Weeks

Sorry I am just now posting, guys...I'm just having a "blah" kind of day!  I'm just not feeling very well (despite my walk this morning, which I thought would give me some much needed energy), and I cried twice before two o'clock (for no reason, like usual).  I guess it's just all these blasted hormones!  Oh well...tomorrow will be a better day, right?

Now, let me stop whining (sorry for that, y'all!) and update you on our little Peanut's progress from this week...


-mild nausea (part of why I'm not feeling well today...yuck)
-fatigue (not nearly as bad as before though, and I think the exercising has a lot to do with it!)
-moodiness (as evidenced by my frequent crying spells)
-increased hunger (this is getting worse...I swear, I am an endless pit these days!)
-nasal congestion/bloody noses (mainly in the morning or when I lay down)
-mild cramps/ligament pain (since my uterus is growing and hips are trying to spread...ouch!)

Size of Baby:

Lemon (around 3.5 inches and 1.5 ounces)


Peanut has doubled his/her weight since last week, and should do it again this week!  He's getting too big to "hide" behind my pelvis, and should be "popping" up from behind the pelvic bone and into my abdominal cavity any day now!  He's covered in that baby fine hair, called "lanugo", which will keep him nice and cozy in there.  The kidneys are making urine, which he tinkles out into the amniotic fluid and then swallows again, repeating the process (gross, I know).  The intestines are also "practicing" for when they will have to digest food.

Food Cravings/Aversions:

-I'm finding myself cravings fish tacos again...and I have to admit, I may have eaten them three out of four nights last week.  Sooooo good!

-I also want french fries.  Every day.  Morning, noon, or night.  Yummm...

-Some things still don't taste very good, like hot coffee (or any hot beverage) and certain cuts of meat.  But pretty much everything else is fair game at this point! ;)

Belly Pic:

I'm really not seeing a whole lot of change in the last few weeks, but I'm sure that will change once Peanut "pops" out!  I'm hoping it'll happen soon!

Alrighty, time to go feed the Peanut-ster!  PTL for my awesome MIL, who made homemade lasagna and banana pudding...otherwise it might have been a frozen meal kind of night! lol

Praying you all have a blessed week!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Gooooood morning, guys!  

Just wanted to drop in and let you all know that Peanut and I are doing well!  I assume he/she is still growing like a weed in there, and from what my pregnancy apps say, he should be on the move pretty much all of the time now!  (I still can't feel any acrobatic movements, but I probably won't until somewhere around sixteen to twenty weeks.)  Only three weeks left till our next appointment with Dr S, our anatomy scan at the 4D ultrasound place, and our Gender Reveal Party!  I can already tell that's going to be a GREAT week---bring it on!! 

I hope everyone has a fabulous rest of the week filled with God's blessings!  Peanut and I will check back in Saturday for our usual Pregnancy Progress Update! :)

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Thirteen Weeks

Guess what????

We made it!!!  Peanut and I are officially in the second trimester!!  This milestone makes me even more amazed (if that's possible) at God's faithfulness and ability to perform miracles!  His love is never-ending, He answers His children's prayers, and He is worthy to be praised (this day and every day)!  Who will join me in praising Him this morning?? :)

Whew.  That's good stuff right there!  Okay, now that I've gotten my worship on, let's see what ole' Peanut's been up to this week...


-moodiness (I have a feeling this isn't going to get any better until after Peanut arrives...sorry, in advance, to anyone I snap at or randomly cry in front of! lol)
-fatigue (not NEARLY as bad as the last few weeks! I think this has a lot to do with my increased activity level)
-increased hunger (OMG...this is serious, y'all.  I'm like a never-ending pit.)
-bloody/stuffy nose
-bigger tah-tah's (no longer sore though--yaaaay!)
-nice, bright blue veins on my tah-tah's, upper arms, and thighs (this is due to the increase in my blood volume...it increased as much as 60% during pregnancy!  Wowzers!)
-nausea (on and off, but I'm pretty used to this now)

Size of Baby:

Tangerine (around 3 inches)


Now that we're in the second trimester, Peanut will concentrate on growing at a rate of about one inch per week (wow!).  His body will start to catch up with that big noggin' of his, which accounted for half of his size the last few weeks.

Peanut can smile now (better start practicing for those photo ops, cause Mommy likes to take pictures! lol) and may even put his thumb in his mouth, even though he hasn't quite developed all of his sucking muscles yet.  All twenty teeth have formed and are hidden underneath the gums in that tiny mouth of his.

Food Cravings/Aversions:

I'm really eating like a horse now!  There are still some things that don't sound good or "taste funny" (like pork, some seafood, and coffee), but for the most part, I'm not having any problem finding stuff to eat!  I'm trying not to "eat for two" (I only need around three-hundred additional calories a day at this point in the pregnancy), but instead just eat sensibly when I'm hungry...but I swear, it seems like every hour! lol

Baby Bump:

I'd say The Bump is a little bigger than last week...what do you think?

Well, guys, I'm off to join my friend for a walk in the park!  This Mommy's gotta get her exercise so she and Peanut can stay healthy! ;)  I'll check in again soon, so stay tuned!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Happy Wednesday morning, y'all! I love Wednesdays because they're my "halfway point" to starting a whole new week of pregnancy!  Today we're halfway done with our last week of the first trimester---eeeek!!

Since we don't have any doctor's appointments this week, there's really not a whole lot going on.  My MIL and I did happen to stop by a baby furniture boutique during an outing yesterday, and (of course), I feel in L-O-V-E with a nursery set.  Being the OCD planner that I am, I would have loved to have ordered it yesterday (yes, I am that confident that it's The One), but I decided to wait until my mom comes up to see us for the Gender Reveal Party (in Feb) so I can get her (and my soon-to-be SIL's) expert opinion(s).  You know what they say: Mamas know best! ;) I also want to make the final decision on the wood color once we know Peanut's gender...my husband and I are definitely set on expresso for a boy, but kind of torn between that and white for a girl.  I tell you, these are some serious decisions, people! lol

Now that the furniture is pretty much decided on, it's time to move on to bedding, which will be my project for today!  There are so many choices out there; so many color combos and themes!  The possibilities are endless!  Guess I'd better start narrowing it down, huh?

So, I was reading my "Celebration of Life" devotional this morning (my sweet baby daddy got this for me the day we got our second beta back), and thought the message was so wonderful I just had to share it!  Here's an excerpt from today's devo, entitled "Being Patient":

"...Psalm 37:7 commands us to "rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for Him".  But, for most of us, waiting patiently for Him is hard.  We are fallible human beings who seek solutions to our problems today, not tomorrow.  Still, God instructs us to wait patiently for His plans to unfold, and that's exactly what we should do...So the next time you find yourself drumming your fingers as you wait for a quick resolution to the inevitable challenges of being an expectant mom," (or the challenges to make it to that point) "take a deep breath and ask God for patience.  Be still before your Heavenly Father and trust His timetable: it's the peaceful way to live."

And the quote for the day is this:

"No matter what we are going through, no matter how long the waiting for answers, of one thing we may be sure.  God is faithful.  He keeps His promises.  What He starts, He finishes, including His perfect work in us." -Gloria Gaither

Doesn't that just give you the glory bumps??  Next time you're feeling more impatient than usual, remember that God's plan is flawless and totally worth waiting for!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Twelve Weeks

Ok, so apparently I was a little off on when the second trimester starts, so Peanut and I won't officially hit that marker till the end of this week (not the beginning like I thought).  But oh well---we're still going to celebrate his/her twelve week "pre-birthday"!  (Feel free to do the happy dance with me...y'all know how it goes ;) )

So, this week has been rather exciting!  Let's see what's been going on...


PTL these seem to have gotten better over the last week!  Either that or I'm just getting used to them all! lol

-nausea (kind of getting used to this)
-moodiness (there's no getting used to this...I feel bad for my poor husband!)
-bigger tahtah's (I DEFINITELY could get used to this! hehehe)
-extreme exhaustion
-on and off headaches
-(painful) gassiness/indigestion

Size of Baby:

Small peach (around 2.5-3 inches long from head to hiney)

*Last week, one of my Pregnancy Apps said he/she would double over the week...but now I'm thinking that's not the case.  But still, Peanut is healthy and growing on track, and that's all that matters!


Peanut's intestines that, at first, grew inside the umbilical cord (weird, right?) will now move into his abdomen.  Now that he's using the placenta for nutrients, it will start to grow in size to accommodate for Peanut's ever-increasing needs.  (At birth, the placenta may way as much as two pounds!)

In non-developmental news, Mommy had some big milestones occur this week, too!  Not only did I have my first OB appointment with Dr S, but I was also cleared to start exercising again!  Eek!  I've already been out for two walks (the weather has been yucky here), and it feels so good to be doing something active again!  But don't worry, I'm not doing anything too cray-cray.  I'm trying to stay in shape, not win any races!

As if the permission to exercise wasn't awesome enough, I'm also being weaned off of the estrogen and progesterone!  Last Sunday, I started taking them only every other day, and tonight will be my last dose of both!  MAJOR eek!!!  My tush is quite grateful! lol

More big news: my husband and I went ahead and made our 4D ultrasound appointment for the same week as my sixteen-week visit with Dr S.  We will find out what Peanut is on Valentine's Day (which will make me 16W5D)!  How exciting is that?!  But don't go thinking I'm going to come home and spill the gender beans the same day...you guys have to wait to find out until the rest of the family does at our Gender Reveal Party that Saturday! I know it'll be agonizing, but I promise it'll be worth it! :)

The last major thing to happen this week was my crossing over into maternity-wear territory.  That's right, folks, I am rocking the paneled pants!  And OMG, does it feel soooo much better!  The tummy sleeve was helpful for those three weeks or so (and I probably will still use it for pants that I really want to wear but can't button), but the combo of the undone buttons and the tight tummy sleeve kept cutting into my growing belly, and it was not pleasant!  My MIL and I spent a whole day doing some maternity shopping, and I made out like a bandit in the pants department!  Now if I could only find some more shirts that were long enough to hide the belly panel on the pants but actually fit in the boobs and belly...guess there will be some more shopping in my future!

Food Cravings:

Almost everything.  (I'm serious about this...my appetite is back with a vengeance!)

Food Aversions:

Not much anymore!  There are some things that just don't taste right to me, but all in all, I've been eating pretty well!  Guess those pregnancy pounds will start to pile on now, huh? ;)

Baby Bump:

There's not too much of a difference between this week and last week's photo, but I'm sure The Bump will grow very quickly in the next few weeks!

Even though I don't have an appointment this week, I'm still going to try to post at some point mid-week just to check in and let you all know how Peanut and I are doing.  I hope you guys have an awesome and blessed weekend! :)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Eleven Week Appointment

First appointment down!  Only about ten more to go and Peanut will be here, y'all! :)

Even though we spent almost an hour there, I have to say that visit was rather uneventful!  I had the routine stuff done: peed in a cup (always fun), weight (I haven't gained at all--I'm actually about half a pound under my pre-pregnancy weight), vitals, 21 Questions (allergies, medications, etc), and then some labs.  Then I got to see Dr S and have a super fun pap smear done (ouch), internal exam where he felt on my uterus (ouch again---I'm still cramping from that), and answer more questions.  

But then came the highlight of the appointment...we got to hear Peanut's heartbeat again!  I tell ya, that never gets old! It was just a-truckin' away in the 170's!  I said, "I bet it's a girl by that heartbeat", and Dr S laughed and replied, "You're probably right.  People are right about that 50% of the time!" Hardy har har, Mr Comedian! lol  (I seriously do think it's a girl though...I just have a hunch! ;) )

So, after we heard the heartbeat and I could breathe a sigh of relief, the good doctor said again that he has to "wean" me off of my weekly ultrasounds.  Of course, this had me thinking I'd come back in maybe two weeks or so.  No.  FIVE WEEKS!  I can't hear my little Peanut again for five whole weeks!   His reasoning is that he wants to get me on a routine OB schedule (which is appointments at twelve, sixteen, twenty, twenty-four weeks, etc), and since I am 11W3D, he said we'd push it back another week to make the sixteen week mark.  Well, poo.  

I have to admit, I was a little crushed.  I'm really going to miss seeing/hearing my little miracle...but, like my very wise husband said to me while I was pouting in the car, "You have to have faith that God will protect this baby.  Even though you can't hear the heartbeat for another five weeks, you have to believe that it's in God's hands and everything is okay.  Either way, it's His plan."  Man, how lucky am I to have married such a smart guy??  Thank you, Lord, for giving me such a wonderful partner, advocate, friend, and Baby Daddy! 

Now that I've calmed down from my momentary freak-out session, I've got some decisions to make...about finding out if Peanut is a "he" or a "she"!  Dr S said they will only do the doppler again to hear the heartbeat at sixteen weeks, but they won't do an u/s to check the gender until twenty weeks. Well, you may have guessed that I'm a planner, and I want to know what this little one is ASAP!  So my hubby and I are seriously considering going to the 4D ultrasound place in town sometime around sixteen weeks and finding out the sex that way.  What do y'all think about us going this route?  I'd also like to know your guesses on Peanut's gender!  I can't wait to find out if I'll need to brush up on my Tonka truck driving and T-ball skills, or if my husband will need to expand on his knowledge of hair-braiding and tea parties!  Eek!

Morning, Y'all!

I'm up and blogging earlier than usual today.  Why, you ask?  Because I'm excited!  Today will be our first appointment with Dr S, the OB doctor!  I am so excited, in fact, that I woke up at 6am (for my fourth nightly pee-trip) and couldn't go back to sleep!  I just laid in bed, daydreaming about seeing (or even just hearing) our little Peanut...(sigh).  Too bad my appointment isn't until 3:15pm...that's gonna make for a looooong day of waiting!

I really don't know what to expect at today's visit.  From what Dr S told me when I went for my annual GYN exam back in September (right before the first FET), he would "wean" me off my weekly ultrasounds, since most mothers don't get to see/hear their babies that often, and going from that frequency to once a month might freak me out.  But a friend of mine who also graduated from her RE at ten weeks went straight to monthly appointments (granted, it was a different doctor)...so I don't know!  I'm just praying for a clean bill of health for both Peanut and myself today, then we can take it from there! ;)

I have a feeling today's appointment might take a little longer, since it's my first OB visit and his office doesn't have the quick turn-around time Dr T's did (another reason I'll miss Dr T...sniff).  But I'll post as soon as I can, so y'all stay tuned and please keep those prayers coming!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Eleven Weeks

Eleven.  As in, the number that comes before twelve.  As in, one week from the beginning of the second trimester!  Ahhh!

This week has really been rather uneventful (rather than the awesome final appointment with Dr T), but let's see what progress Peanut has made since the last update...


-nausea (again, on and off)
-extreme exhaustion (PTL I don't have to work and fight this fatigue at the same time!)
-mild/dull pressure in lower abdomen
-slight backache (I believe this is from putting up Christmas decorations...I tried to take breaks, but I still think I might have overdone it)
-on and off headaches (mainly from sinus pressure)
-stuffy/bloody nose
-increased thirst
-short of breath at times

Size of the Baby:

Lime (around 2 inches long from head to tush and weighing about 0.3 ounces)


Not only have we graduated from the fertility specialist to my regular OB doctor, but Peanut graduated in development as well!  He/she has moved out of the embryo stage and is now considered a fetus! Woohoo!

By now, most of Peanut's organs have developed.  Now starts the (even more) rapid growth period...this week alone, he/she will double in size!  The reproductive organs are coming to become more "distinguished" over the next few weeks, which means we will hopefully be able to find out the gender in the next month or so!  Exciting stuff is happening here, folks!

Food Cravings:

Believe it or not, my cravings are not quite as strong as they have been the last few weeks!  I have been eating more salads (to give Peanut some good nutrients and stuff) and haven't been eating nearly as much fried foods (to give my reflux a break!).  Now, my cravings are pretty much come and go depending on what I'm watching on TV or who mentioned something delicious.  But here are a few things that I've been wanting...

-homemade powdered sugar/cinnamon sugar donuts (I satisfied this one this morning!)
-shrimp fried rice (will have this tonight when we go out to celebrate my FIL's birthday)
-soft serve ice cream (pretty much just plain vanilla or chocolate...McDonald's little cups of goodness are my fave)
-smoked oysters (in a can0 on ritz crackers with hot sauce (gross, I know...but I love these!  I haven't fulfilled this craving yet because I'm waiting to ask Dr S if it's safe to eat them)
-boiled peanuts

Food Aversions:

As the weeks go along, I'm finding that the mention of things don't have the same "gag me" effect that they used to, but instead, things just don't sound very yummy or they "taste funny"...oh well, I'm sure my taste buds will change again once Peanut comes!  Here are the things that are not so appealing anymore...

-Chill frozen yogurt (thought I wanted this sooo bad the other day, but after I ate it, I had a nasty metallic taste in my mouth.  Yuck.)
-Pork chops/loin
-mexican (except chicken tacos)
-fish (except shrimp and oysters)
-sugar free ice cream (I used to eat this all the time and loved it, but now...it's just not the same!)

Baby Bump:

You know, I think last week's picture might have been a little deceiving because of the tighter, yoga-style pants I was wearing.  I do think this week's Bump is sticking out a little more, but it's not quite as rounded as last week's picture made it look like.  I had also taken a picture wearing a different pair of pants last Saturday, so I'm including them both in today's post so you can see the "true" difference when compared to this morning's Bump.  ;)

Here's the first picture with the yoga pants (Week 10):

Here's the second picture in my saggy-butt pants (lol), which doesn't make The Bump looks as rounded:

And here's this morning's picture (Week 11):

No matter what pants I wear, Peanut is definitely growing, and I'm loving every minute of it!  :)

Before I have to rush off to get ready for my FIL's birthday dinner (I'm drooling thinking about the shrimp fried rice...yummm), I wanted to once again thank all you prayer warriors for your love, prayers, and support!  I read this quote today from Norman Vincent Peale, and although infertility isn't technically a "sickness", I thought it was pertinent and worth sharing:  "God helps the sick in two ways, through the science of medicine and through the science of faith and prayer." PRAYER WORKS, and I am living proof of that!

That being said, I would also like to ask you all to add another prayer request to your lists...I have several dear friends who, after reading this blog, have reached out to me and shared their infertility battles.  They are all in different stages of their battles: some are still trying naturally, some are contemplating fertility treatment, and some are about to start IVF treatments.  I know for a fact that God led them to read my blog, that He is using me to give them hope, and that He has a unique plan for each of their lives.  I pray, and ask you to pray, for God to give them the same peace, comfort, understanding, and faith that He showered down upon me, that He guide them towards His perfect will, and also that He blesses them with their hearts' desires.  Thank you all in advance!

Now, I want you to know that this prayer doesn't just stop with my friends and loved ones...I pray this same prayer for any one out there who is going through difficulties of their own, whether we've met or not.  God knows your need, He knows your heart, and He wants to touch your life!  Lift your worries and prayer requests up to Him, and He will move in ways you never thought possible!  Jeremiah 33:3 says, "Call to me and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things which you do not know."  THAT is the God we serve, and He is just waiting for you to reach out to Him! :)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

We've Graduated!

This morning was our last appointment with Dr T, and I have to say, it was a little bittersweet! Although I'm thrilled to have graduated to my regular OB doctor (Dr S, who I will see next Tuesday at 3:15pm), I'm a little sad to have to leave all my sweet friends at the fertility clinic!  (Not to mention, those weekly ultrasounds...lol.)  But PTL that we've made it this far and have gotten the "good to go" stamp of approval!

So, as you may have already guessed, Peanut looked fab-u-lous this morning!  There doesn't appear to be any more bleeding issues, either, which is a major blessing.  He (we still can't tell the sex yet, so we're still calling it a "he") was asleep again during the u/s and clearly didn't want to be disturbed or wake up for his parents.  But hey, as long as he's healthy, I don't mind him sleeping during the photo shoot. ;)  He did "pose" a little, though, and had his little hand up by his face while he was sleeping...soooo precious!  We also got a glimpse of those long legs of his, which he definitely gets from his Daddy!  Just think, he'll start kicking me with those long, skinny things pretty soon! (Ouch...lol)

We got to hear (and see) the heartbeat again, which is always so soothing.  Even though he was sleeping, his heart rate was quite fast (which I've heard can mean it's a girl...just throwing that out there, lol) and strong!  Music to this Mommy's ears!  The brain was also visible this week (although you can't see it in the pics below), as was his umbilical cord. It's so amazing to see how much changes within just a few weeks!

Here's his pics from today (10W4D).  The top one is one my hubby took of the u/s machine (it was clearer and you can see a little bit of the profile), and the other was the one they printed out for us (more of an odd back shot, but still our Peanut!):

I can't think of a better way to start this new year than by watching this little one grow day by day!  This is going to be, by far, the best year of our lives---and it's only just begun!  I can't wait to see how God continues to work through us and bless our little family! :)

Well, y'all, it's time to feed my Peanut and then snag a little cat nap before I continue on with my "To Do" list!  But one more thing before I go...I wanted to let you all know that after giving it lots of thought and prayer, my husband and I have decided for me NOT to go back to work until after Peanut arrives and we have time to settle into parenthood.  We both feel this is best for both the baby and I, especially since you never know what may happen during pregnancy (as evidenced by this trimester!). My new boss was very understanding and said she would love to hire me as soon as I am ready.  How good is our God?! We are so thankful to Him for making this time off possible and for continuing to open doors for us (or keep them cracked till the right time)!  It just further proves that He provides for those who seek His will and remain faithful!