"But if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mulberry tree 'Be uprooted and planted in the sea', and it would obey you." -Luke 17:6

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Reagan Turns ONE!

That's right, guys.

My baby girl is ONE.

Where did the time go??  
What have I been doing this last year to 
make it go by so quickly??

Oh yeah, I've been raising a small human.  
It all makes sense now! LOL

Here are some of the highlights from Reagan's 
eleventh and twelfth months of life...


I have to say, Miss Priss' mood has turned the corner!  
Those teeth that were bothering her FINALLY came in 
(now she has 8 total!), 
and her little personality is starting to show 
more and more every day!  
She is very energetic, likes to look at every single toy 
before she really "plays" with anything, 
and she LOVES to read and listen to music.  
She has the sweetest little voice, and gives
 the best "sugars" in town. :)


We didn't have a doctor's appointment 
during her eleventh month, 
but Reagan weighed a solid 22 lbs at her one-year 
well-check a few weeks ago!  
She is about 30 inches long, 
which means she's actually thinning out a bit as she shoots up!  
Her wrist and ankles are a little less chunky 
(although still adorably plump),
 and her belly isn't quite as pouchy
 (unless she's just downed a big meal).  
I have a feeling she's going to really 
slim down when she figures out 
this walking thing!


Speaking of walking...
we have a walker on our hands, y'all!  
Believe it or not, 
she took her first steps during her one-year photoshoot, 
which was around the middle of July!  
Her Daddy and I were SHOCKED when she suddenly took one, 
then two steps towards me---
and the photographer was able to get it all on film!  

Since then, Reagan's been gradually
 increasing the number of steps she'll take by herself.  
Now she can walk a good yard or so---yay!  
She will only walk towards someone though; 
she's not too keen on just walking across the room to her toys or 
something else that catches her fancy.  
She has figured out that it's quicker just to crawl there, 
so that's her main mode of transportation, lol.  

Her vocabulary is also increasing by the day, it seems.
 She says "mama", "dada", "bubba", bye", and "hi".  
And just in the last couple of days, 
"yeah" and "huh?" 
seem to be making their way up 
to the top of her faves.  
Like I said before, 
her voice is just the sweetest, 
and I could just listen to her babble and "huh?" 
me all day long!  
(I know, I'll regret saying that later 
when those turn into "But why??" and "What??" lol)

Baby Girl is now eating pretty much whatever I eat, 
which is a lot of clean, wholesome foods.  
She has tried just about everything,
 and her favorite menu items seem to be 
avocado, oatmeal, 
chicken, fish, brown rice, sweet potatoes, 
beans (any kind), cheese, and bread.  
Oh, and bananas and applesauce.  
And yogurt. 
 Okay, so you get the picture--
the kid pretty much will eat ANYTHING.  
She's like a garbage disposal. 
Praise the Lord she's not a picky eater though!


Miss Fashionista has finally managed to 
outgrow the 9 month clothing and make her way 
into the 12 months (Carter's)
 and 12-18 months (Gymboree). 
 Shopping is still soooo much fun with a little girl---
I love it! 
 I'm just hoping she doesn't start wanting to pick her
 clothes out or refusing bows any time soon! 


Here are a few pictures from last few months...


Eleven months photoshoot.

Elvis hair, don't care. 

My mini-me and I in New Mexico a few weeks ago.

She loves her "Bubba"!  

On to go...
All. The. Time. 

I believe this was the picture that was snapped 
right before she walked to me! 

This makes me "lol" and have 
baby fever all at the same time...
I like to call it 
"The Many Expressions of Reagan". :)

Twelve months old and loving life! 
And clapping! 


That's it, guys! 

That's the latest update on the McNugget---
our IVF miracle!  
I thank you all from the bottom
 of my heart for following our journey, 
showering up with your prayers, 
and sharing these blessed moments with us!  

We love each and every one of you, 
and we pray God's blessings for you all.  

Remember to stay strong, 
stay faithful, 
and God WILL bless you! 

"Whatever you have learned or 
received or heard from me, 
or seen in me---
put it into practice.  
And the peace of God will be with you."

-Philippians 4:9

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  1. This miracle baby is a bright part of our lives! So is her Mama! Never give up, never give up on God and His perfect timing!